Every delivery begins with a wish


Make yours at and we'll donate $1 to one of three charity partners.

During the holiday season, so many of the packages we deliver begin with a wish. UPS is responsible for delivering millions of those packaged wishes during the holiday season.

What's your wish for the holidays? A visit with family? World peace? Good health? Share your wish with us, and we'll make a donation to a charity.

With this in mind, UPS recently launched Your Wishes Delivered, a campaign designed to invite our customers to share their wishes during the holidays. For every wish shared on or via social media channels like Twitter or Instagram using #WishesDelivered, UPS will donate $1 to one of three charities: The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army and Toys for Tots Literacy Program (up to $100,000).

You can spread the word by liking, sharing and commenting on the campaign stories posted on UPS social channels. And, please submit your own holiday wishes to support this good cause! And right now, you can see what's trending on Twitter's #WishesDelivered. So don't delay, share your holiday wish today. 






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It would not take much effort for everyone to be a little nicer to each other, to say a kind word to someone else. People need each other, people should help each other. None of this is to hard for anyone, people should stop being so negative, greedy, and selfish, and the world would be a better place. Remember "United We Stand, Divided We Fall", John Dickinson (from revolutionary war ballad The Liberty Song)?
To agree to disagree with reasonable and mature discourse...and to realize that compromise may not always be a bad thing if it means an improvement in the way things are.
That everyone gets closer to Christ during this holiday season.
A happy and healthy holiday season and new year. To go beyond seeing color to define the true measure of a man (woman)...

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