Smart upgrade: Download WorldShip 2015


The newest version promises to save you time.

WorldShip® 2015 is available for download. Here's what the upgraded version offers, along with powerful time-savers you want to be sure to use.

Download WorldShip 2015 today.

Compass: What's the most important reason to upgrade to the 2015 version of WorldShip?

Joe Monteleone, UPS senior manager, customer technology marketing: Many of the improvements in this version take place "under the hood" so to speak. The most visible enhancement is support for the UPS Access Point™ network. In select locations, a UPS driver will attempt delivery, but if your customer isn't home, the driver will leave a notice and take the package to the nearest UPS Access Point location – neighborhood businesses with evening and weekend hours, such as The UPS Store® locations, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, even dry-cleaners.

Compass: Are there WorldShip features where shipping managers could save time?

JM: Yes, profiles are a popular WorldShip feature. These save data entry time by filling in default values for fields for each profile you create. For example, every time you ship to John Jones, you can default to overnight shipping, include a purchase order number, etc.

Profiles can be general or assigned to a specific person in your address book. Let's say you are shipping chocolates and want to use UPS 2nd Day Air® shipping during the hot summer months, or you are shipping internationally and want to default to certain commodity information. You get a lot of flexibility, and it keeps you from rekeying all that data – and possibly making costly errors.

Compass: What about integration with order entry or accounting systems?

JM: Integration is another way companies can improve efficiency, and it doesn't get used as much as it could. Customers selling online, for example, have a dynamic customer base that changes all the time, so it is a huge time-saver to automatically have WorldShip technology pull the ship-to information from your order-entry database.

Compass: That sounds complicated. Is it difficult to do?

JM: WorldShip has an Import/Export Wizard that will walk you through the process. To start the Import/Export Wizard, open WorldShip 2015 and select Tools on the Import-Export tab and then Import/Export Wizard. Once set up, WorldShip automatically stores the routinely used ship-to information you need and prints labels at designated times.

On the flip side you may need to share tracking numbers with customer service, or shipping charges to accounting, so you can export that information to a file that customer service or accounting can use to update their information and invoice the customer.

For more on integrating WorldShip technology, visit the tech support center

Compass: Can WorldShip stretch the company's marketing budget?

JM: One of the newest WorldShip features is Custom Labels. Printing your logo on the label is particularly good for brand awareness, or can allow you to extend special offers to your customers. For example, you could print "Use this promo code to get 10% off your next order!" as a way to generate repeat orders without having to stuff a costly flier or catalog into the box.

These are just a few of the features you'll want to put to work for you, so don't delay your WorldShip upgrade. Download WorldShip 2015 today. 


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Thank you Compass Guy!
Compass Guy
Lori, you can continue to use your current version of WorldShip and then once your computer is upgraded next year, you can download WorldShip 2016. We encourage customers to stay current, but in your case, it makes sense to hold onto the older version.
What happens in 2015 if the computer used for World Ship has Windows XP Professional and will not be upgraded this year? Will I still be able to use World Ship and not download the newest version for 2015?
Good idea.
Compass Guy
Ahmed, I'm not aware of a dedicated feedback line for WorldShip. I'm sure the developers base some of the annual WorldShip improvements on customer preferences, so if you want to send the suggestions to Ask the Expert on the Compass site, we can forward them along.
So excited to see those improvements. My question is can we send suggestions to the developers, if so, how? Thank you.

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