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Save time: Upgrade to WorldShip 2014 today!

The new toolbar for WorldShip 2014.

Five ways the new version will help you work smarter.

UPS is always looking for ways to help customers do more, faster. This year's improvements to WorldShip® accomplish just that, making it easier for you to manage every aspect of your shipments. You can now download WorldShip 2014 and take advantage of the latest time-saving upgrades.

You can download the new version of WorldShip today.

Here are the five time-savers:

1. Improvements to the toolbar. This year's updated, ribbon-style navigational toolbar puts everything you need at your fingertips. With clearer labeling, larger icons and related functions grouped together, it's easy to find the options you need. With one click, you can start the process for the most common activities, such as:

  • Creating a return
  • Saving a shipment
  • Accessing printing options

And with the more intuitive interface, you'll be able to work faster.

2. Clearer cost breakdowns. When creating shipments, you can see the detailed charges for:

  • Value-added services
  • Transportation costs
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Accessorial charges

These costs used to be bundled together as a lump sum in WorldShip and broken out only on your billing statement, but now these line items show up right away in WorldShip 2014. Additionally, you can also see both published and contractual rates so you can calculate your savings.

3. Automatic address classification. "Address classification is different from address verification," explains Joe Monteleone, a UPS technology marketing manager.

Address classification identifies whether an address is residential or commercial so it can be billed properly. Address verification makes sure an address is valid. 

"Before, people had to turn [this feature] on, and not a lot of people did. Now it's on for everyone. It helps reduce billing adjustments," Monteleone says.

4. Available to more customers. In the past, WorldShip only supported customers who had daily scheduled UPS pickups. Now customers with periodic pickups can take advantage of WorldShip's features, too. Contact your account executive or WorldShip support to get started.

5. Better options for exports. Improved export documentation capabilities for package and freight make it easier to meet compliance regulations. WorldShip's revamped screen layout provides new fields that are compatible with the U.S. Customs requirements so you can easily enter information to meet government requirements.

In sum, all of the improvements to WorldShip are sure to move you through your daily checklist faster than ever. Take a few minutes and download WorldShip 2014. Just follow the simple steps on the download page. Soon, you'll be working smarter and faster than ever. You can download WorldShip 2014 here.

To see the full system requirements, view this PDF.


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Compass Guy
KB, I checked with the WorldShip people and I guess you can't change the colors at the present time, but they will consider having a color option in future releases. I know that's of little consolation now, but thank you for the suggestion.
The screen color for 2014 version is hard on the eyes! (too light) Can it be changed (different color theme)?

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