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Tech tip: Make your brand stand out with WorldShip


Turn your packages into promotional devices.

Businesses always seek cost-effective ways to promote their brand. And thanks to the Custom Label feature in WorldShip® 2013, you can promote yours literally every time you ship a package with UPS.

Use these steps to turn your shipping label into a promotional opportunity, complete with images.

Use these steps to turn your shipping label into a promotional opportunity, complete with images. Highlight discounts, expand brand awareness or market your advertising campaign with this easy-to-use-feature.

To customize your UPS shipping label in WorldShip:
1. Go to Tools. Choose Systems Preferences Editor; select the Printing Setup tab shown to the right.

Note: The Label Printer must show label stock dimensions set to: Thermal 4x8 or 4x8¼ or Laser 8x11, with extended area usage set to Shipment Label Header. If the label printer does not have the correct label stock or extended area usage selected, you may change the settings by choosing Printing Setup. In the dialog box that appears, set the label stock dimensions to Thermal 4x8 or 4x8¼ or on a Laser 8x11 and extended area usage to Shipment Label Header. Select Apply in the dialog box, then Update on the Printing Setup tab, and then OK to close the Editor.

2. Go to Tools. Choose Custom Label Editor to open the custom label canvas. The Custom Label Editor dialog box will open. Select the UPS Sample Shipment Label Header template type; choose Copy; enter a name for your new template; select OK.

3. Your new template now appears in the Custom Label Editor dialog box. Highlight the new template, and select Edit to open the custom label canvas.

4. Add each element to the canvas using one of the following Add options:

Add a Shipment or Package Field: Select the down arrow in the WorldShip Fields box and select a field category. Using the field list under the field category, select one and then drag and drop it to the desired location on the canvas.

Add Custom Text: Type up to 45 characters in the Custom Text Box; select Add Text and the desired location on the canvas to place the text. Note: If you wish to change the font or size or want to make the text bold select the Modify button after making your selections.

Add Image to the Canvas: Select an image under Image Library and drag and drop it to the desired location on the canvas. The maximum image size is 350 x 175 pixels.

Add an Image to the Image Library: Select Add Library Image. Supply the path to the image or select Browse to find the image, then select OK. The image will save in the Image Library.

5. Then choose Print Test Label.

6. To keep using this custom label, you must associate your customized shipment label header template with a WorldShip Profile and ensure that the profile is selected when processing your shipment. Note: WorldShip Profiles speed up shipment processing time by saving identical shipping preferences – such as addresses, services, shipment options and shipment documents. To create WorldShip Profiles, follow this Step by Step.


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Alex P
Renate, Unfortunately the custom label editor is a feature only available through worldship. At this time, custom labels are not supported by or CampusShip.
Alex P
Paul, I thjnk you are referring to your package doc label, the 2 inch perforated section at the bottom of the label. Simply put, the longest label currently supported is a 4x8 label. Because the actual package information will always take up six inches, you have two inches to work with. You can either use the 2 inches at the bottom for a doc label, or you can use it at the top for a custom label header (logo). Unfortunately, you cannot have both.
Compass Guy
Paul, that's not good. I don't know the answer but suggest you call the WorldShip help desk. They're the pros: 1-888-553-1118.
When we tried this we lost the label we attach to the invoice with tracking number and cost of the shipment. What did we do wrong?
We use CampusShip. Is there any way we can create a custom label in this system?
As this sounds nice and all, even though I'm not a business (small or any size), they need to severely change their password keeping policy. Every 3-6 months, I get an email claiming that my account is expiring. My account is also limited in the number of characters I can place my password as. None of this will help the security of any business, big or small. So, inevitably, people have to weigh the cost of shipping without UPS, given the lack of security of UPS.

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