5 critical changes to WorldShip 2016 – and how they affect you


From expedited customs clearance to streamlined shipping, the new WorldShip release is optimized for smarter global commerce.

In today's tech-driven economy, businesses both large and small conduct operations on an increasingly global scale – and that growth shows no signs of slowing. According to McKinsey & Company 85 percent of manufactured goods will be sold across borders by 2020 – up from 20 percent in 2002.

With WorldShip 2016, customs data will upload minutes after a package is processed, allowing time to resolve any problems that might otherwise result in a customs hold.

At UPS, our shipping experts are always looking for ways to help companies keep pace with a shifting global economy. This includes reassessing and upgrading WorldShip® technology each year to make it easier for customers to save time when preparing, managing and tracking multiple types of shipments, from small packages to heavy freight.

And in 2016, customers will gain access to a WorldShip version better optimized for growing – and staying productive – in a global economy. Here are five ways the 2016 version has been improved:

Expedites customs clearance.

An important "background" change to the WorldShip system will help streamline customs clearance. Previously, customs data was batched and uploaded at day's end, but now UPS uploads the compliance data within 30 minutes after a package is processed.

"Because the necessary data gets to our compliance sites earlier in the day, businesses can work on the documents sooner, and resolve any problems that might otherwise result in a customs hold," says Joe Monteleone, UPS product manager. "Earlier access to information means we can follow up with the customer before we ever get the package."

The speed-up applies worldwide, for both imports and exports, he says.

Easier access to compliance documents.

This WorldShip version will deliver faster and easier access to necessary documents like the Commercial Invoice, Electronic Export Information and Certificate of Origin.

Includes estimated duties and taxes in your rating request.

"That's especially important for situations in which the recipient is covering those costs," Monteleone says. "You can avoid costly surprises."

Finds global UPS Access Point™ locations.

WorldShip 2016 includes built-in support for the UPS Access Point network, which was designed to make online shopping easier and residential delivery more convenient. "WorldShip users can easily accommodate customers who want packages dropped off at a safe location when they are not at home," Monteleone says.

Streamlines international shipping.

The WorldShip 2016 version makes it easier to set up profiles for repeated shipments to international customers, including all the compliance documentation required.

"You can just pull up the profile, change the quantity and the rest of what you need is already there," Monteleone says. "That's the best way to streamline global shipping."

Monteleone says that WorldShip 2016 is adding Djibouti, Jordan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, the Ivory Coast and other emerging markets to its existing list of 140 origin countries and 20 languages. The new system also supports multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 10.

A downloadable version of WorldShip 2016 is currently scheduled for early January 2016.


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