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How UPS Worldwide Express Freight can help your global business


Learn more about this service, which gets pallets to their international destination in as little as one to three days.

"I want what I want when I want it" seems to be the battle cry of business buyers and consumers around the world. That need for speed has fueled increased demand for air cargo service – and made it part of strategic supply chain management.

UPS Worldwide Express Freight service offers fast, guaranteed delivery of palletized freight between about 50 global markets.

Here John Miltenis, vice president of international marketing at UPS, answers top-of-mind questions about UPS Worldwide Express Freight® shipping and how it can help.

What is UPS Worldwide Express Freight?

UPS Worldwide Express Freight allows industrial shippers to use the UPS air fleet to move pallets of freight weighing more than 150 pounds.

How has the use of this service changed?

It's no longer being used for emergencies. Now it's becoming part of routine business. The service still concentrates on urgent shipments of palletized freight – supplies that must arrive within one to three days. But larger shippers make regular and strategic use of the service.

Who should use it?

Shippers can rely on UPS Worldwide Express Freight as a fail-safe or the logistical equivalent of a cushion. You can use it to fill inventory shortages or expedite delivery of replacement parts. Some retailers are using this service for a critical product launch and their brand reputation is at stake.

How fast is fast?

The freight service – which speeds most pallets to destinations within one to three days – offers many of the same features as UPS Worldwide Express® package service, including automated shipment preparation, online tracking and proactive notification technology. UPS handles customs and consolidates freight and package shipments into one bill. The pallet is always under UPS control.

Where does the service pick up and deliver?

We offer time-sensitive, guaranteed delivery to a total of 58 origin and 56 destination countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. In 2015, we have expanded into 20 new origin and 14 new destination countries, including Chile, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Turkey and Vietnam.

Can it be customized?

Flexibility is important, and several options let you adapt to your unique situation. For example, you can extend the workweek with Saturday deliveries to select U.S. and Canadian postal codes, take advantage of earlier pickups and later dropoffs and prepare trade documentation online with Paperless Packing List.

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