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The incredible numbers behind UPS Worldport


The logistics powerhouse in Louisville is even larger than Mall of America.

Worldport® hub, located in Louisville, Ky., is UPS's largest air facility. It processes an average of 1.6 million packages a day using 155 miles of conveyors.

When a package arrives at Worldport, it is only touched by human hands twice. The rest of the routing is done by conveyors and cameras.

The entire operation is an inspiring feat of mechanized logistics. The facility's high-speed conveyors rush documents, small packages and irregularly sized shipments past overhead cameras in 546 camera tunnels that read smart labels to route the packages. Packages (unless they're labeled incorrectly) are touched by human hands just twice, when pulled off the plane and at the end of a, on average, 13-minute journey through the conveyors.

Perhaps most surprising? The Worldport hub can process 115 packages per second. Or maybe it's the record of processing nearly 5 million packages in one day? Or perhaps that the facility is as big as 90 football fields (5.2 million square feet)?

Here's more about Worldport by the numbers:

7.2 miles: perimeter of the facility
416,000: packages-per-hour capacity (future expansion will allow handling of 500,000 packages per hour)
130: aircraft turned over daily
70: Aircraft docks
33,496: number of conveyors

See Worldport in action in this time-lapse video.


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