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Entrepreneurs: Here's why you need a formal business address


Take the first step toward solidifying your small business with a mailbox at your neighborhood The UPS Store.

For many entrepreneurs just starting out, workstations tend to be a dynamic concept. Whether it's a stay-at-home mom fulfilling orders in between diaper changes, a software engineer constructing websites on the subway, or a dirt-bike maker assembling parts in a crowded garage corner, getting work done takes precedence over desks, chairs – and even formal addresses.

Having a formal address can be a crucial first step in solidifying your company as a legitimate business, from both a reputation and a legal standpoint.

Having a real business address, however, can be a crucial first step in solidifying your company as a legitimate business, from both a reputation and a legal standpoint. And it keeps customers from calling your personal number or, worse, knocking on your home's front door.

That's why, when entrepreneur and mom Carly Duke started Lavish Roots Catering in 2014, she chose to rent a mailbox at The UPS Store® in Normandy Park, Wash., near her home.

The UPS Store gave her a business address to carry out billing, mailing, and receiving packages. Duke also gained access to other services essential to her catering business, including business card and event menu printing.

"Our mailbox service acts like an anchor for many entrepreneurs and startup businesses," says Phinisia Owens, a product development supervisor at the San Diego headquarters for The UPS Store. "Often it's someone who wants to keep their business and personal life separate, or a road warrior who needs their mail held for them in a secure way. In big cities it's often easier and safer to have someone else receive packages for you when you are not at home."

Owens outlined four key advantages to renting a mailbox at one of the 4,500 independently owned and operated The UPS Store locations across the country:

  • A street address as opposed to a P.O. Box number, which provides a more professional image (as it did for Lavish Roots Catering).
  • 24/7 access to your mailbox (at participating locations), so you can pick up your mail when it's convenient. Mail and package deliveries stay safe and confidential.
  • Text or e-mail message alerts letting you know when mail or packages have arrived.
  • Call-in MailCheck™. "You don't have to stop in to check your mailbox, like you would at the post office," Owens says. "Just call in and the folks at The UPS Store tell you if you have mail or packages waiting."

To locate The UPS Store that's most convenient for you, visit


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