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New UPS Shopping CompanionTM puts your address book at your fingertips 24/7.

If you've ever ordered something online for a family member or a friend, you know it can be time-consuming to dig around for his or her address so you can enter it into the web page where you're placing the order. UPS Shopping Companion™ can streamline the process.

Now you can access your address book right from your browser's toolbar and populate address fields with the push of a button.

UPS Shopping Companion organizes and stores your addresses digitally, so you can access them right from your browser's toolbar. Select the UPS Shopping Companion icon on your toolbar, log in and search for the address you need. The browser add-on will do the rest, populating the address with the click of a button.

Even when you're not shipping with UPS, you can use this browser add-on to access your UPS Address Book and, if you choose, the addresses of your UPS My Choice® Facebook Connections.

"It's like a virtual address book you can take to most websites to access your addresses," explains Felicia Allen, a UPS customer technology marketing representative.

Get started

1. Download the UPS Shopping Companion for Chrome or Firefox (a Safari version is coming later in the year.)

2. To use the UPS Shopping Companion, you'll need to register for My UPS. You can then log into the browser with your My UPS user name and password, or you can use your Facebook credentials (see step 4). If you haven’t registered for My UPS, sign up here.

3. Select the icon on your toolbar. Search for the address you need. With one click, the add-on will fill in the address information.

4. If you want to use UPS My Choice Facebook Connections, just link your UPS My Choice ID to your Facebook account. (Select the UPS My Choice app for Facebook and link your My UPS ID; if you are a new member, select to start the registration process.)

Here are some other features:

Add and import addresses

When you log in to the UPS Shopping Companion, your UPS Address Book contacts will display automatically.

You can easily update and manage your UPS Address Book. You can also save new addresses to your UPS Address Book so they'll be ready the next time you need them, and you can import addresses from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and other email providers that use a .csv file. Or you can add/update/edit addresses in your UPS My Choice Facebook Connections.

Check address accuracy

UPS's address matching can help reduce delivery problems by verifying that your addresses are valid.

Although this feature is meant to help online shoppers, retailers can promote UPS Shopping Companion to their customers and potentially reduce costs associated with incorrect or insufficient addresses.

Get even more with UPS My Choice

UPS My Choice alerts you to incoming shipments. You'll get email or a voice or text message the day before your delivery. You can electronically track your packages to reroute, reschedule or authorize the release of packages without a physical signature. Sign up today.


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