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To edge out competitors double its size, Title365 needed rapid-fire solutions made possible with UPS.

Buyers. Sellers. Realtors. Escrow firms. Title agents. If a real estate transaction gets delayed because of a late overnight delivery, each one can be impacted in a very big way. Locked-in interest rates can be lost, and deals can tank.

"We love the branded envelopes. Every time we ship overnight and the Title365 envelope lands in front of a client, it's like we made a sales call."
– Mike Tafoya, CEO and Co-founder, Title365

"Everything we do is under a timeline and under a lot of scrutiny from clients," says Monica Cameron, escrow manager at Title365, a national title insurance firm based in Newport Beach, Calif. Title365 is committed to delivering an innovative combination of centralized product fulfillment, faster turnaround of title, escrow and default services, and breakthrough technology solutions.

A few years ago, Title365 entrusted UPS with its domestic shipping. "UPS simply does a great job delivering our time-sensitive shipments the way we need," says Mike Tafoya, Title365 CEO and co-founder. "Like us, their customer experience offers high-tech, high-touch service."

A David goes after Goliaths

Title365 launched in 2008 at the depth of the Great Recession. In step with the housing market recovery, the company grew from one to 30 locations. Thanks to an efficient centralized processing and fulfillment model, Title365 offers faster and friendlier service than its large, decentralized competitors.

"Our technology allows us to compete with companies many times our size," says Tafoya.

When Title365 needed a shipping provider with IT savvy and values to match its own, they turned to UPS.

"It's not just about delivering their shipments," says UPS Senior Account Manager Dominique Secrest. "It's about delivering cutting-edge concepts to help them achieve business strategies."

After a complete business process analysis, UPS offered three solutions to support Title365's growth and client service goals. The first was UPS's unmatched overnight shipping network.

"We have to deliver a product overnight across the U.S.," says Tafoya. "UPS had a solution for that, and they've done a good job of delivering everywhere we need."

Second, UPS CampusShip® technology gives every Title365 office more control over who ships, what ships and how much it costs. UPS's Quantum View® visibility technology shows the status of every package from shipment to delivery. UPS also provides an extra layer of watchfulness with proactive monitoring by dedicated shipping experts who continuously observe a critical shipment's status. If circumstances put a document's on-time delivery at risk, UPS can intervene with commercial or charter flights, couriers or other alternatives to keep the package on time.

"We initiate service recovery procedures and keep the customer informed," says Jarrod Purdon, a UPS marketing manager. "It's important that all parties understand the situation."

A third solution came in a UPS envelope, custom-branded with Title365 artwork. "We love the branded envelopes," says Tafoya. "Every time we ship overnight and the Title365 envelope lands in front of a client, it's like we made a sales call."

UPS even delivers value at a personal level. The torrid pace in Title365's offices means documents may not be ready for a normal 4:30 p.m. pickup. UPS flexibility allows drivers to stop by as late as 9 p.m. to ensure documents make flights and reach important signings the next day.

UPS safeguards document security, too. "Loan documents and seller packs hold sensitive private information," says Cameron. "UPS makes sure everything goes and comes back securely."

Tafoya adds, "Everything we do revolves around speed, accuracy and cost. UPS has been with us lockstep, analyzing how we're doing the business, getting everyone on the shipping system, and making sure it's working perfectly as planned. We've really aligned with the right partner."

For more information about creating customized UPS envelopes for your business, visit To learn more about the ways UPS is helping Title365 deliver time-sensitive shipments to its customers, watch the following video:


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