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Update: UPS My Choice expands capabilities en español


Spanish-speaking consumers can now receive delivery alerts in their native language.

Hispanic buying power in the U.S. is an estimated $1.5 trillion and growing, according to the most recent Nielsen forecast. To more effectively meet the buying demands of this fast-growing consumer demographic, UPS My Choice® service is now available in Spanish.

47 percent of Hispanic Internet users say it's important for websites they use to be available in Spanish.

Earlier this year, the additional language option was added to, giving end users access to shipping information in Spanish. Now, UPS My Choice in Spanish makes even more valuable to Hispanic customers.

"About 42 million Hispanic individuals are online, according to eMarketer," says Christine Calderon, manager of UPS My Choice service. "Also, 47 percent of those users say it's important for websites they use to be available in Spanish."

Online shoppers who sign up for UPS My Choice will now receive text and e-mail alerts in the language of their choice – in addition to the delivery flexibility that UPS My Choice service offers, including the ability to route packages to a secure nearby UPS Access Point™ location for later pickup.

"Another easily overlooked benefit is that companies with Spanish-speaking employees are also able to work in their preferred language, which makes things easier for them and can minimize the potential for costly errors," Calderon says. 

Make the switch to UPS My Choice in Spanish here.


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