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New Global Locator at redesigned for 2015.

At UPS we're always looking for ways to make life easier for anyone with packages to ship.

The redesign of the Global Locator on improves ease of use and functionality.

Earlier in January we launched a redesign of the Global Locator on that ramps up ease of use and functionality, saving time for customers. Jenna Schilstra, with UPS customer technology marketing, outlines these key changes:

Quickly find the nearest dropoff location. Using a single search bar, you can enter an address or click "use my current location," and the system will automatically find the closest UPS dropoff location. The locator will show nearby options both as a list and plotted on a map, with the address, mileage from your starting point and pickup deadlines or closing times. "It works the same whether you're at a desktop or on the go and access from your smartphone," Schilstra says.

"Using advanced filtering options, you can specify if you're looking for a certain location type, a particular service, pickup times or operating hours," Schilstra says. You can also save up to five locations, giving each a unique nickname so you can revisit the locations you use the most.

A drop-down menu delivers more powerful sorting options. For example, you can specify that you want to view locations with copying/faxing capability, mailbox rental or expertise in international shipping.

Pay for shipping and get a shipping label. If you have a package ready to ship but need a label, you can check the "Pay for a UPS Shipping Label" box. The system will display the nearest retail, UPS Customer Center or other location where you can get a label printed and pay for it. "That's a great feature if you are on the road, away from your shipping system," Schilstra says.

Get help with packaging your shipment. Click this option and the Global Locator will display nearby UPS locations equipped to help you with boxes, packing materials and processing. Small businesses or entrepreneurs who don't have their own in-house shipping department will find this particularly valuable, Schilstra says.

Take advantage of promotions. When you select a location in the list or on the map, the Global Locator will display pickup times, hours of operation and services available. You can then select "View Promotions" to see the discount coupons or other special offers available at that UPS location. "That will vary from store to store because they are independent franchises," Schilstra says. "But it's another way you can save money on your shipments – and a good reason to save your favorite locations."


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Compass Guy
If you want to drop off a package at a retail location or a UPS Drop Box, you need to process the package at and pay with a credit card. You'll print the label and affix it to the package. The shipping system will provide you the tracking number so you can check the progress of the delivery.
J. O'Docherty
How do I pay for shipping when I want to drop off at one of your locations?

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