Driven by pure generosity


Known to many as simply "UPS Ed," this driver is making a world of difference in his Michigan hometown.

"UPS Ed" is bighearted. Ready to help at a moment's notice, this UPS driver gives and gives – and then gives a little more, even after a long day of delivering packages.

Over the past 25 years, UPS driver Ed Piglowski has raised a half-million dollars to benefit others and has collected more than 10,000 winter coats for those in need.

Over the past 25 years, he's raised a half-million dollars to benefit others and has collected more than 10,000 winter coats for those in need. His unwavering commitment to his community has earned Ed Piglowski the 2013 James E. Casey Community Service Award. Established by UPS in 1995, and named in honor of Jim Casey, one of UPS's founders, the annual award is the highest employee honor UPS bestows.

Piglowski helps provide hats, coats and gloves for kids to stay warm in the brutally cold Michigan winters. He hosts fundraisers to help people pay medical bills. And he organizes holiday toy drives for the kids in his West Branch, Mich., community, about two hours north of Detroit.

Quite simply, that is how he and his wife, Caren, live their lives.

"He's stability in a time of need," says West Branch colleague Steve Busch. "When people need things, Ed is there for them."

You name it…
It all started when the Piglowskis' son asked his father to help raise money for a classmate who was battling leukemia. The family was having a tough time affording travel expenses and medical costs associated with the boy's treatment. The Piglowskis organized a fundraiser – and that turned out to be just the first of many.

"In the last 25 years, we've probably done well over 100 spaghetti dinners ourselves," Piglowski says, "and we've helped support another 75 to 100 dinners."

…Ed will do it
Indeed, Piglowski's commitment to serving others has inspired his colleagues, as well as the community of West Branch, to join his efforts.

"You come home, you cry a lot and you feel bad for these families, but I guess that's what reinforces you to go on," he says. "I've had people thank me for making them a better person. When someone tells you that, it's a pretty good thank-you, don't you think?"

Watch a video about Casey Award winner Ed Piglowski.


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