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Tickets to (football) paradise


Delivering season tickets reliably, quickly and in high style with UPS.

Fans are passionate about the kickoff of the football season at colleges and universities across the country. At Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C., it begins with shipping out more than 10,000 season tickets. For the Mountaineer fans, the excitement truly begins when the season ticket holders receive their shipment.

UPS provided Appalachian State University a range of services.

"Making sure that we get those tickets in the hands of our folks in a timely fashion is very important," says Steve White, the school's athletic ticket manager. "They really can start to smell the scents of the stadium and hear the sounds and feel like they're at the game when they get those tickets in their hands."

Appalachian State needed a shipping provider that understood the importance of season tickets. The university turned to UPS.

"We understand exactly what the college or university is trying to do surrounding their ticket distribution and the fan experience. We want to provide a level of service and attention from UPS that is unmatched," says Marc Church, UPS account manager.

UPS provided the university a range of services to manage the logistics, delivery and experience for season ticket holders:

Quality packaging. Appalachian State had issues with a previous shipper – damaged and empty packages were arriving at ticket holders' doors. Customers were disappointed, and the university had to reprint and reship tickets and parking passes. Now, the sturdy shipments arrive intact and on time.

Customized packaging. The university started using a customized UPS label featuring the Appalachian State logo and branding. That change proved so popular with the fans that the university is planning to switch to a customized envelope in the 2014 football season. "People are excited to see the Appalachian State University logo on just about anything," White says. "It's important to the athletics department from a branding standpoint, but from the fan's viewpoint it's exciting to see something that's been customized just for them. That reinforces the fan experience."

Day-definite, priority delivery. The university can stagger and prioritize ticket delivery so that high-level donors receive their tickets first.

Tracking and visibility. Email notifications alert ticket holders that their shipments are on their way, drastically reducing calls from people wondering when their tickets will arrive. And for those who do call, White and his team can answer quickly.

"The ability to track packages from our back office through Quantum View® was very important to us because we have people who get excited," White says. "They hear that other people are receiving their packages, and they want to get their packages, too." A quick answer: "It's being delivered; it's on a truck now," satisfies them. "That kind of information puts their minds at ease," White says.

Address updates. UPS can intercept packages sent to incorrect addresses and, often, reroute them. In the past, those tickets were returned to Appalachian State and reshipped, adding days to the delivery time.

These services enhance the entire experience for fans. "I think of athletics as the front door to the university," White says. "It's one of the first things that folks see, read about or hear about a university. With a successful program like we have at Appalachian State, football fans want to feel what we feel here at Kidd Brewer Stadium on Saturday afternoons. And it all starts with a ticket."

The right logistics can help you increase on-campus efficiencies, enhance support of college athletics, and streamline shipping and mailroom operations. Learn how to put the power of UPS to work for your college or university.  


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