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Tip of the month: Reinvent long-time systems to meet new demands


See how one manufacturer reinvented a tried-and-true shipping solution to streamline its sales process.

For Plasticard-Locktech International (PLI), the world's largest keycard manufacturer, integrating its returns and distribution systems with UPS CampusShip® technology helped the company more efficiently manage returns and cut costs. However, those operational improvements were isolated in shipping. Its sales department still employed paper-based, labor-intensive – and subsequently costly – techniques to keep work flowing.

"To create tickets, the sales department had to fill out a piece of paper and send it to the shipping department. The shipping department then had to stop what they were doing and manually key in all the information to process those shipments," explains Josh Barry, UPS senior account manager.

After viewing the positive effect UPS CampusShip had on its returns processes, PLI opted to integrate the solution into its sales and order fulfillment processes, as well. Now, a salesperson simply logs in, electronically enters information and automatically creates a shipping ticket with a bar code – minus the tedious handwork. The shipping department's only task is to weigh and process the package.

"The process is really streamlined," says Barry. "And it gives the sales folks the control to track their own packages."


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