Cut costs with a customized sustainable solution


See how one UPS customer integrated technologies and eliminated unnecessary storage and paper.

When environmentalist and corporate executive Eric Crawford purchased Cream City Ribbon three years ago, he was drawn to the Milwaukee-based ribbon manufacturer's all-natural products and 100-year-old machinery. The company's ordering system, however, was in need of a modern-day upgrade. They were using WorldShip® software, but it wasn't integrated with manufacturing and order systems. "I knew there had to be a better way," Crawford said.

Crawford replaced the server-based manufacturing system with QuickBooks Online Essentials, a small business accounting system. He integrated WorldShip and Quantum View Manage® tools with QuickBooks using OzLINK®, an order management and fulfillment solution available through the UPS Ready® Program. By integrating technologies, Cream City Ribbon's 5,000 annual orders were now processed, ordered and shipped through a single portal – dramatically reducing costs, time and paper waste. Crawford estimates his company's eco-friendly supply chain operation has saved $35,000 and 400 man-hours per year, in addition to improving Cream City Ribbon's carbon footprint with an almost completely paperless system.

"We used to print production orders, but now we print a single packing slip. We used to print invoices. We eliminated that. We've eliminated massive amounts of storage and paper," Crawford said. "We are green people doing a green job in a green way."


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