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Our experts answer three of the most-common questions.

WorldShip® 2014 has been helping shipping managers and small-business owners get even more from their shipping system. Here's what readers have been asking about accessing WorldShip's timesaving features.

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Q: Can I set the UPS service level to UPS Ground as a default? (Right now the default is UPS Next Day Air® Early)

A: By creating a profile in WorldShip, yes, you can. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: From the main shipping screen, select Tools from the toolbar, then select Shipper Editor.
  • Step 2: Select Modify and then select the Preferences tab.
  • Step 3: From the drop-down menu in Profile, select the Created Profile for Ground services as a default. Click OK and exit the Shipper Editor.

Q: Is there a solution for Mac users?  

A: There is a UPS Ready® solution for Mac users, but free WorldShip software is only for PCs. NRGShip for UPS delivers all the power you need for domestic single-package shipping. Some of the many features are UPS rates and transit times to street-level address validation, Quantum View Notify® e-mails and integration with the Mac address book to streamline order processing – all from one easy-to-use interface. There's a Pro version that even more closely resembles WorldShip. Both NRGShip for UPS and the Pro version have a monthly fee, though.

Q: How do I add our company logo to our shipping labels we print on our laser printer?  

A: Follow these six steps to insert your company's brand on each UPS package.


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You will need to assign your profile to shipper, so when you start UPS WorldShip it will use that profile at start up and show your ground as your default . Assigning a Profile to a Shipper 1. On the Tools tab, select Create/Edit Profile. 2. In the Profile Editor ribbon, click Assign Profile to Shippers. 3. In the Shipper Profiles window: n To assign a profile to a specific shipper, select the desired profile for that shipper in Profile next to the shipper number. n To assign a particular profile to all shippers, select the desired profile in Assign Profile To All Shippers and click Assign. 4. Click OK and then click Close Profile Editor
Compass Guy
Zac, I checked with our WorldShip experts. I'm told there is no automatic default to the least expensive option for all destination countries. The default has to be changed by country. In most of the countries we serve, there is not a ground option. So, you would need to create separate profiles for each destination country. By using the Need It There Sooner option and reviewing the available services to that destination (as service levels vary), each destination country profile could be created based on the most economical service available. UPS Worldwide Expedited would be the choice for many markets.
By default, WorldShip chooses the fastest/most-expensive service for the selected destination. Using a profile, I can change the default from UPS Next Day Air to UPS Ground, but it only applies to whatever country (default: United States) is selected in that profile. If the country is changed (e.g., if I choose Canada), the shipping service then changes to the fastest/most-expensive international express service. How can I tell the profile to default to Ground or Standard or, simply, the most economical service option, regardless of destination country?
For whatever reason, you must always select your profile from the bottom left side of the screen... Choose the one where you make ground your preferred method. It has happened to me that the UPS profile it always checked each day when I sign on... I just change it to my profile that I set up... It seems to stay the same from then on unless you choose another shipping profile... Make sense?
Jeff Sims
The steps for choosing "Ground" as the default, do not work. It still must be manually selected.
Ron McEntee
Did not work. When I left worldship and reopened it my selected default of Ground was not my starting point. had to manually select it.

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