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New for small businesses: Earn MileagePlus miles


UPS's partnership with United Airline's MileagePlus Small Business Network offers new benefits to small businesses.

While you're busy growing your business, the packages you ship through UPS can earn you MileagePlus® award miles toward that getaway vacation you're dreaming about or merchandise you've had your eye on, thanks to a new program for small businesses.

The packages you ship through UPS can earn you airline miles. Find out how.

"We're excited to participate in the MileagePlus Small Business Network," says Tom Langa, a UPS small business marketing manager, "because it gives small businesses an opportunity to earn discounts and miles for many things they already do every day."

The MileagePlus Small Business Network UPS Affinity Program offers award miles from United Airlines and up to 26 percent off standard rates for UPS shipping. Bundling your logistics with UPS has numerous additional advantages, including:

  • Use of free UPS shipping systems that save you time
  • Free tracking technology that improves your customers' experiences
  • Free billing systems that make it easy for you to reconcile invoices
  • One driver to rely on for seamless package pickups and deliveries

Sign up today

Get started by signing up for the MileagePlus Small Business Network. Then, link your UPS account to the network to start earning miles – and saving money. You can earn one MileagePlus award mile for every $1 spent on transportation costs for eligible UPS shipments. Bonus miles are available as well – 100 bonus miles for the first shipment and 500 for the fifth shipment within six months of enrollment. You can earn up to 40,000 award miles per calendar year by shipping with UPS. Review the MileagePlus Small Business Network's Terms and Conditions here.

To learn about qualified shipping activity and restrictions, see the UPS Terms and Conditions for this Affinity Program. "Qualifying discounts range up to 26 percent for domestic air and express [shipments] and 12 percent for UPS Ground," Langa says. "And a small business owner can get even more value from access to products and services available from other partners in the Small Business Network."

Other benefits of the MileagePlus Small Business Network include:

  • A network of partner organizations – dedicated to small businesses – that offers award miles for doing business with them
  • Award miles for buying office supplies from Staples, using a Chase credit card or buying software from Intuit
  • Award miles that can be redeemed toward air travel or merchandise or other Small Business Network rewards

Enroll in the MileagePlus Small Business Network today.


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