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Shipping goods across the Mexico/U.S. border is now fast, easy


UPS CrossBorder Connect streamlines and simplifies freight shipments between the United States and Mexico.

With global fuel prices and Asian labor costs rising, many companies are turning to Mexico for manufacturing solutions. But to cash in on the cost savings, a business needs a solid understanding of the intricacies of customs processing and border crossing.

UPS CrossBorder Connect gets goods across the U.S./Mexican border in two to four days door-to-door.

UPS CrossBorder Connect® can help. This ground freight option bundles transportation north and south of the border with customs brokerage capabilities in both countries. It delivers in two to four days door-to-door. CrossBorder Connect can shave three to four days from less-than-truckload (LTL) transit times and costs up to 50 percent less than air freight.

By leveraging specific vendors with unique operating permits, southbound and northbound shipments bypass the border controls and continue on to major airports, clearing customs there in a process similar to that used for air freight. Clearance is fast, consistent and predictable. At the airports, UPS customers can work with their own customs broker or choose to work with a broker in the UPS network.

Speeding transfers
With typical LTL shipping, goods are unloaded at the Mexico border and transferred multiple times: to a licensed Mexican customs broker for verification, classification and fee payments; then to a third-party drayage provider for border crossing; and finally to a trucking company for transport. These handoffs take time, and may lead to fees and penalties, increased security risks and decreased visibility.

Comau Group, a division of Fiat, turned to CrossBorder Connect and saw its shipping times drop by about 50 percent. Comau operates a 250-employee facility in Mexico City devoted to assembling and testing robots used on automotive assembly lines. With many of its parts coming from Detroit, the company averaged about 400 LTL shipments a year across the U.S-Mexico border. The company sought a shipping solution that was faster than LTL but less costly than air freight. With CrossBorder Connect, Comau's Detroit-to-Mexico City shipments now typically take just three days.

Benefits for diverse businesses
It's not just automotive manufacturers who are seeing the benefits of CrossBorder Connect. Industrial manufacturing, healthcare, high-tech and retail companies are taking advantage of the streamlined shipments.

Other advantages include door-to-door visibility, allowing you to track shipments and receive notifications at key milestones so you can plan workflow around deliveries. 

CrossBorder Connect offers:

  • U.S. transportation.
  • Customs clearance (U.S.).
  • Drayage.
  • Customs clearance (Mexico).
  • Mexico transportation.

If your business is shipping more than 1,000 pounds across the border once a week or more, talk to your UPS representative about whether UPS CrossBorder Connect can work for you.



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