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On the road? Ship packages at Staples using your UPS account


An added bonus when shipping from more than 1,300 stores nationwide.

Do you or your co-workers need to ship packages from the road? At more than 1,300 Staples stores nationwide, you can use the Bill My Account feature that allows you to use your company's UPS account to pay for the shipping.

The advantages include:

  • You can pack, print a label and ship right from Staples
  • You will receive your company's UPS rates*
  • You avoid having a separate invoice since the shipments sent from Staples appear on your company's regular UPS delivery invoice
  • You have more options to ship at night and on the weekends

To begin using the Bill My Account feature at Staples, you need to enable the feature. Follow these steps

To find a Staples store, visit 


*Rates apply to eligible six-digit UPS accounts with Bill My Account activated. A transaction fee may apply. 


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