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Tech tip: Save time with profiles in WorldShip


Make shipping a one-click simplicity by tapping into this powerful feature.

Do you handle identical orders regularly? WorldShip® profiles are collections of saved shipping details such as addresses, UPS service levels, package dimensions and shipment documents. Using profiles cuts down on the time it takes to process a shipment while ensuring order accuracy – and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Using profiles cuts down on the time it takes to create a shipment. See how to set them up.

The most popular profiles include:

Follow these simple steps to create and use a shipping profile:

 To create a shipping profile

  1. Choose Tools in WorldShip's main menu. Select Profile Editor.
  2. In the Profile Editor, create a Profile Name. Select country, service, tab order or custom label preferences. Use the Service, Options, Detail, Reference and Customs Documentation tabs to set shipment defaults. Choose Save Profile to save the profile. Select Close to return to the main shipping window. 
How to use a profile
  1. Select a profile from the Profile drop-down list under the Ship To tab. The shipping window will be automatically populated with the saved shipment information.
  2. Profiles may also be applied to set up a new address in the address book. Choose Tools and select Address Book Editor. Find the Company or Name and select the Profile from the drop-down list. Choose Modify Address to save the change. In the main shipping screen, when you select the address with a saved profile on the Ship To tab, the profile information will be populated and the Profile window will display the profile name.
  3. Once you've selected a profile, it's simple to print the associated label.

Prefer this Tech Tip as a downloadable PDF? Download it here.

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John Taylor
You can only add a logo to thermal label printers.
Can you add your logo to the shipping label using an ink jet printer?
It would be nice if I could assign a custom profile as the default so that it automatically loads when the remote workstation is started.

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