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Increase efficiencies through a logistics makeover of your hotel or resort


UPS can help you cut your transportation costs, improve the customer service experience and stand out from your competition.

The hospitality industry is a challenging business. Fluctuations in the economy, competitors of all sizes, and events such as oil spills and natural disasters often hit hotels and resorts harder than other businesses.

UPS can help you improve customer service and drive revenue.

For those who manage to thrive, consistency and commitment are more than slogans: They're necessary standards that forge incremental differences between them and the competition. To the choosy hotel traveler, those differences matter.

"It's important to provide services that enable the hospitality industry to make a customer's stay as convenient and carefree as possible," says Dana Caron, a UPS consumer services marketing specialist.

UPS can help you do that efficiently. From an integrated global network that adds visibility and accountability to on-campus franchises of The UPS Store® business center, we're helping hotels improve customer service and drive revenue. Here's how:

Taking care of your guests' shipping needs
"Guests, from business travelers to tourists, often need to receive or ship packages," Caron says. "By implementing a system that features tracking capabilities, the hotel can handle it all on the guest's behalf."

UPS's services provide total visibility. Specifically, UPS can:

  • Monitor outgoing parcels and documents as they make their way from the loading dock to the recipient's desk, including delivery reports and signatures showing delivery.
  • Provide up-to-date information about packages and internal mail you have received, from arrival all the way to delivery to guest or meeting rooms.
  • Process shipments of practically any size that provide cost-effective options to meet your deadlines in the United States and around the world.

When it comes to providing excellent customer service, total visibility has dual benefits: peace of mind for guests with "where's my package?" concerns, and few, if any, instances of misplaced packages at the hotel.

"When you have shift changes and different staffing levels throughout the workday, it's easy for a package to get lost in the shuffle," says Caron.

Avoiding this mishap results in a guest pleased with the service and convenience of shipping from the hotel and one who will likely stay again.

On campus: The UPS Store
Business centers have been a hotel staple for some time. Not providing one is out of the question. But managing it can be a burden. That's why more hotels are turning to The UPS Store business center to handle this important service.

"One of the key benefits of having The UPS Store on property is the consistency of the level of services provided," Caron says. "The UPS Store handles all of the traditional business needs and can go beyond the capacity of what many other business centers are equipped to do."

Caron says such franchises are careful to blend in with your hotel's décor, avoiding concerns about branding conflict.

"By not having to directly run this side of the business, the hotel not only frees up resources that can enhance other parts of the operation, but it also generates revenue while providing key services that make the hotel attractive to business travelers," says Caron. "These little things make a huge difference."

Want to find out more about how UPS is helping hotels and resorts? Go to UPS's solutions for hospitality.


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