The Roadrunner Pharmacy difference: World-class customer service


Discover why a leading compounding pharmacy for pets chose UPS to handle its logistics.

Just like humans, our animal companions are living longer thanks to medical advances – and more frequently treated for diseases associated with old age.

"When the Brown truck pulls up, and the driver steps out with the package, our customers don't just see UPS; they also see Roadrunner," says Garry Herring, Roadrunner's logistics manager.

This trend means the animal pharmaceutical business is expanding at a record rate, and Roadrunner Pharmacy – the nation's leading supplier of compounded pet medication – works with veterinarians to deliver the medications pets need.

The Phoenix-based Roadrunner creates drug combinations customized to a pet's size, age and breed. And because veterinarians rarely compound medicines at their practices, more than 9,000 customers rely on Roadrunner to deliver these important treatments.

Each day, Roadrunner Pharmacy ships more than 1,300 orders, an increasing number of which are for chronic diseases like arthritis and hypertension, as well as temperature-sensitive drugs for various cancer treatments.

The competitive differentiator behind the company's success is incredible customer service, according to its logistics manager, Garry Herring. He believes that outstanding service begins with the order and doesn't end until the product is in the customer's hands, on time and in perfect condition. Due to some reliability issues with Roadrunner's former shipping company, a decision had to be made for long-term growth and increased productivity.

Not just shipping: logistics!

There was no avoiding what came next: Roadrunner looked at its options and made a decision to turn to UPS for a much better fit and quickly created a mix of UPS technology, logistics and shipping.

But deciding to partner with a new shipper is a decision that logistics professionals take very seriously. Their reputations – and even their jobs – may be on the line. Herring agrees. "As we began to expand, we knew we needed a logistics partner that could act as an extension of our company. Our brand is based on timeliness and affordability, and the person that delivers our products ultimately becomes the face of our company," he says.

Late is great – but only for pickups

A challenge for the company arose when customers expressed a preference to be able to place orders late in the day for next-day delivery. Consulting with UPS Account Manager Chris Coady, a solution was quickly identified and implemented. Coady explains: "UPS's first priority is to support our customer. Clearly, a late pickup was required – we simply made it happen. There's no drama, no hassle; it's just what we do."

The pharmacy is now supported with two daily pickups, helping to ensure that these vital drugs – about 10 percent of them temperature-sensitive and protected by cold gel packs during their next-day journeys – reach their customers rapidly and safely.

Speedy and free

Free shipping and next-day delivery are cornerstones of the Roadrunner brand. "One thing we've learned in all our years is that speed wins," says Herring. "When it comes to shipping medicine, time-in-transit matters."

Like all successful businesses, Roadrunner Pharmacy not only derives a great deal of value from its own carefully nurtured brand; it also derives value from the company it keeps. So the company worked with UPS to develop co-branded custom packaging for its shipments.

"Today, when the UPS truck pulls up, and the driver steps out with the Roadrunner box, our customers don't just see UPS, they also see Roadrunner," adds Herring.

Systems integration

Shipping so many prescriptions each day, Roadrunner Pharmacy's customer support system has to be efficient. And with Quantum View®, a technology tool that provides an at-a-glance view of the status of all of the company's shipments, handling customer calls is a snap.

What's more, UPS Solutions experts integrated the tool into Roadrunner's inventory and customer management systems to elevate the efficiency of Roadrunner's operations. "To say that UPS is an extension of our company doesn't fully tell the story because UPS is also integrated into our internal operations," adds Herring. "Now, with all that UPS has done for us, we really can't envision what Roadrunner would look like without UPS," he says.


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