Managing returns just got easier

managing returns

UPS Returns Manager provides merchants with online management and visibility of returns.

Online returns can be a headache for both merchants and consumers. But with the introduction of UPS Returns® Manager® technology, that process just got easier. The new offering makes the online returns process more efficient and cost-effective for merchants, while making it easier for consumers. Goodbye, headaches.

By using this UPS tool, customers can manage return shipments without having to integrate new technology into their IT systems.

By using the UPS Returns Manager tool, UPS business customers can manage return shipments without having to integrate new technology into their own IT systems. With this technology, consumers using the service can print a return shipping label directly from tracking (website and mobile) and from email alerts. They also can print return labels at The UPS Store® locations at no additional cost.

Derek Banta, director of mobile and digital engagement at UPS, says “a high quality return process is essential to drive comfort with e-commerce. However, many small merchants lack the resources to invest in a sophisticated returns process.”

UPS Returns Manager gives online merchants a valuable tool to manage returns in a vast marketplace where shoppers send back hundreds of billions of dollars in merchandise each year. In fact, various industry estimates peg the cost of processing returns in a range of 10 percent to 15 percent of the cost of goods sold.

With UPS Return Manager, Banta explains, merchants can integrate a “world class return policy that is simple for their clients with little integration cost because it is all managed and hosted at”

The new service allows UPS shippers to administer authorized return shipments, set their service levels (such as UPS® Ground or UPS 2nd Day Air® services), request a reason for the return (size, color, defect) and see reports on their shipments.

The outbound shipment and return package are linked in tracking, allowing for easy association of the two shipments.

To get started, contact your UPS Account Executive or visit

Read more about how UPS Returns Manager works.


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Benefits of UPS Returns Manager

UPS Returns Manager provides numerous benefits to merchants who ship with UPS:

  • The ability to pre-authorize returns shipments for specified accounts
  • A controlled, consumer-friendly returns process similar to those at large retail sites but without integrating technology
  • A source for business intelligence and other insights about the reasons for returns
  • An immediate and hassle-free way to provide return labels to customers
  • A cost-effective alternative to placing a return label in every outbound package

Increased customer loyalty due to easy returns

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