Should you rethink your shipping station?

Should you rethink your shipping station

Ask yourself these five question to see if your shipping area needs a makeover.

If your place of business is small, chances are you haven’t been able to create a dedicated shipping zone. Maybe your current methodology is to simply clear a random counter when it’s time to send out packages. Perhaps you fill in shipping labels by hand because printing them is a hassle. Or maybe you only ship one day a week, and you think a dedicated space would be wasted during the rest of the week.

A few tweaks to your shipping operation can save you time and money.

Here are five questions to ask yourself as you rethink your shipping procedures:

1. How is your inventory organized? Are your top-selling items stored in a fashion that allows for quick packaging and shipping?

2. Do you have the right sizes and kinds of packaging materials? Your boxes should be large enough to ensure that they will protect your products, but small enough to prevent extra costs for shipping and packing. Remember, both weight and package dimensions will affect shipping costs.

3. Are your packing materials plentiful and arranged logically? Make sure the shipping boxes and containers for bestselling items are within easy reach. Is your bubble wrap close at hand? What about the tape? Scissors? If you plan an area with packaging materials close by, it can save you time and money when it’s time to ship.

4. Does it make sense to store inventory in shipping boxes? This may seem like a small step, but if you store your items in their shipping boxes, it can save you time to ship those items out.

5. Are your computers and printers accessible? They need to be, so you can print labels and keep up with your shipments electronically. Be sure that the people doing the actual packaging have access to the printer and know the necessary passwords.


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