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eSecuritel warehousing and fulfillment moved to UPS in Louisville, providing cost and time savings and more satisfied customers.

With mobile phones an essential part of daily life, quickly getting a replacement for a lost, damaged, stolen or malfunctioning phone is important to consumers. eSecuritel, a Brightstar company based in Alpharetta, Ga., provides affordable mobile device insurance and replacement to consumers through mobile operators and retailers worldwide.

See how eSecuritel shortened the time between when an insurance or warranty claim is accepted and a replacement phone is in a consumer's hands.

After being acquired by Miami-based Brightstar in 2011, eSecuritel integrated its repair, warehousing and fulfillment operations at its new parent company’s Libertyville, Ill., facility. Brightstar is the world's largest specialized wireless distributor and a leading global services company, serving mobile device manufacturers, wireless operators and retailers.

While this provided many operational improvements and efficiency gains, eSecuritel wanted to shorten the time between when an insurance or warranty claim is accepted and a replacement phone is in a consumer’s hands.

Expanding opportunities

eSecuritel had a number of needs to meet current demands, as well as prepare for growth. The ability to handle individualized, customized delivery of replacement handsets to the consumer was essential – yet recruitment, training and deployment of a flexible workforce to accommodate surges in demand were just as critical.

In addition, the company was looking for expansion capability to respond to its increasing growth in distribution needs. eSecuritel’s requirements have grown tenfold over the past two years, and the company foresees similar growth over the next two.

Previously, eSecuritel inventory was housed and kitted at Brightstar facilities, where the inventory and quality controls were strong. The distance between Brightstar and transport facilities, however, was adding to the time in transit.

Moving ahead

Based on its solid relationship with eSecuritel from years of reliable delivery service, UPS recommended moving the company’s inventory to UPS’s logistics and distribution campus near its worldwide hub in Louisville, Ky., UPS Worldport®. Transit times would be reduced, and UPS would coordinate warehouse staffing and processing.

“We knew we wanted to make the delivery time to the consumer as tight as possible, but we weren’t willing to risk the quality controls we had in place,” says Phil Mitchell, senior director of eSecuritel logistics for Brightstar. “We knew moving next to UPS Worldport would give us the tightest turnaround time possible. But before we made any move, we had to be sure we wouldn't sacrifice any operational efficiencies gained since the Brightstar integration effort.”

Making that possible required meticulous integration between Brightstar and UPS systems. Teams on both sides carefully defined requirements, mapped process flows and developed integration points.


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