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Tip of the month: Plan ahead for seasonal spikes


This UPS customer recruits Eagle Scouts to handle the rush.

Chocolate Pizza Company, a small business based in Marcellus, N.Y., that ships gourmet chocolate pizzas in traditional pizza boxes and delivers a variety of other confectionary snacks, starts prepping early on for the rush of heavy seasonal shipping. And according to owner Ryan Novak, Chocolate Pizza Company's solution is as unique as the treats the shop creates.

In the summer, Novak works with local Boy Scout troops to recruit and train Eagle Scouts to handle the day-and-night rush of seasonal orders, leaving Novak to focus on advancing his business in other ways.

"We find they are responsible, reliable and eager to learn," Novak says. "What's more, after they learn the business, some of them have transitioned from shipping to customer service. That frees my time to spend on larger commercial accounts."


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