UPS My Choice membership makes online ordering easy for your customers


Here's a way for e-tailers to gain repeat buyers.

Now, when your customers order from you and live in a place where a UPS driver can't leave a package securely – such as an apartment building without a doorman – they don't have to be home or make arrangements to accept the delivery. They can pick up their packages at a nearby The UPS Store® location or a UPS Access Point™ location for free. This convenient delivery option can make them more likely to order from you.

Once your customers register for UPS My Choice, they can change delivery for an individual package, or they can opt to have all packages delivered to the nearest The UPS Store location.

Added flexibility

"This option reduces send-agains, customer service calls and returns because the customer can arrange to get delivery. They don't have to be sitting around waiting," explains Leslie Nelson, UPS senior marketing manager. Today, consumers wish they could send one in four packages to a location other than their home, according to the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ survey in 2014. "UPS My Choice® membership, along with the UPS Access Point network, makes this wish come true," she adds.

The UPS Access Point network includes 4,372 locations of The UPS Store and other retailers with evening and weekend hours that agree to hold UPS packages for recipients to pick up.


Some retailers, including Converse, Sephora and Macy's, encourage their customers to sign up for UPS My Choice membership, often in their shipment-confirmation e-mail. "Once people join, they are likely to buy again online," Nelson notes.

Nelson points out another benefit of having your customers sign up for UPS My Choice – a 60 percent open rate for the UPS My Choice e-mails sent with tracking information. "The typical retail e-mail open rate is less," she says. You can take advantage of this high open rate and put your company logo, message or advertisement on the alert. Just ask your UPS sales representative about customized alerts.

Increased reach

With convenient options for delivery, you can gain customers in apartment buildings and other places where delivery signatures are required. In the past, many of these customers were hesitant to order online because of the hassles of arranging delivery.

Once your customers register for UPS My Choice service, they can change delivery for individual packages, or they can choose to have all of their packages delivered to either The UPS Store or a UPS Access Point location. They can have alerts sent to multiple e-mail addresses or choose text message alerts, and they can access all of the UPS My Choice features via the UPS MobileApp.


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