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Nobody home to receive a delivery? No problem


New UPS Access PointTM locations will be a boon to home delivery.

When your customers live in an area where a UPS driver can't leave a package securely – such as an apartment building without a doorman – they may hesitate to order products.

If a residential customer isn't home when the UPS driver arrives and the package can't be left, the driver will leave a UPS InfoNotice and take the package to the nearest designated UPS Access Point site.

The UPS Access Point™ network can help. A UPS driver will attempt the residential delivery, but if your customer isn't home and the driver cannot leave the package, the driver will leave a UPS InfoNotice® tag and take the package to the nearest designated UPS Access Point location, which are neighborhood businesses with evening and weekend hours, such as The UPS Store® locations, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, even dry cleaners. Your customer simply brings the notice and a photo ID to the UPS Access Point site and picks up the package there.

"We're opening up the world of e-commerce to a group of consumers who have traditionally avoided it due to their delivery experience," says Stephanie Callaway, UPS vice president, new product development.

UPS Access Point locations were launched in New York City and Chicago in 2014. The program will expand to additional cities in 2015, including most of the 4,400 locations of The UPS Store.

Your customers can choose a UPS Access Point location as an alternate delivery site during your online checkout process. Learn how.

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Compass Guy
eBay Seller: Package security is very important to us. All UPS Access Point locations are pre-approved by UPS to ensure packages will be secure. In addition, there are two signatures required before a package makes it into your customer's hands. First, the UPS Access Point site verifies receipt of the package from UPS with a signature. Second, the consumer is also required to sign for the package before the UPS Access Point will release the package. For further security, UPS Access Point locations are required to check the government-issued ID for last name and address. In the event a package was missing, the shipper would deal directly with UPS and follow the routine claims process.
Compass Guy
Jane: The service referred to in the article only applies to residential deliveries in parts of Chicago and New York.
Dave Horchak
Our UPS location is only open 2 hours a day. I solved the problem by switching delivery to Fedex. They are worse than cable they want you to be home for 12 hours to receive it but they are only open 2 hours in a day (not in a row) for you to pick up or drop off. What they can't pay some clerk $8 an hour to take packages. With their rates thats like 2 packages a day
That isn't true!! We have had deliveries after 5:00 many days. We are in a building where main door locks at 5:00 pm. Over and over, we mention to our UPS Driver who apparently chooses not to listen. We have to go down to our main door from the 4th floor and let him/her into the building. Of course he may have other deliveries in the building as well. I firmly believe it goes both ways. If UPS knows our business hours they should make every effort to deliver within those hours. We have to pay overtime to wait on UPS. That too is costly.
James Brown
If you are expecting a package then be open during normal business hours. It costs money to return 3 times. You don't have to choose an access point but if you are open when you are supposed to be then there will be no problem.
eBay Seller
That sounds pretty confusing to me, too. I am expecting my packages to be delivered only to the authorized address I have on file - such as with PayPal Confirmed Addresses. For them to be diverted without my authorization as an eBay seller is frightening. It seems to open up a world of fraud opportunities. I would like to hear how I am protected when these packages mysteriously go missing.
dr. alyson buchalter
My business is not a residence and yet my packages were diverted to an "access point" when my office was closed instead of the usual three delivery attempts. This is unacceptable. Do I have to buy a hand track and send my staff out of the office on a daily basis to pick up my parcels? That takes away from the time they have to do their assigned jobs. Often my deliveries are heavy and the UPS driver brought them into the office. This is ridiculous and will preclude using UPS in the future.

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