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Alston & Bird embraces logistics technology to save time and to build customer loyalty.

For more than 120 years, the lawyers of Alston & Bird have solved problems, whether related to securing financing for a major expansion, resolving a tax controversy with the IRS, defending a lawsuit in a courtroom, or protecting products from piracy and counterfeiting.

"We ship out hundreds of urgent legal documents on a daily basis. UPS helps ensure that they are delivered to the right person and the right place at the right time. No surprises."

The firm's rich history began in Atlanta in 1893, when the Southern city was still struggling with the physical and emotional wounds of the Civil War. That ongoing history includes legendary golfer Bobby Jones, a partner with the firm in the 20th century. Rights to his name are still protected by Alston & Bird.

Firm extends global reach

Alston & Bird LLP has grown to become a national AmLaw 50 firm, employing more than 800 attorneys who serve clients around the globe. The firm has expanded far beyond its Atlanta roots, with offices in Brussels; Charlotte, N.C.; Dallas; Los Angeles; New York; Research Triangle, N.C.; Silicon Valley and Ventura County, Calif.; and Washington, D.C.

With its international reach, the firm demands a global provider that understands the legal industry and urgent shipping requirements. Together, Alston & Bird and UPS make up a good team to meet client needs.

Putting technology to work

One way that happens is through Alston & Bird's use of technology to deliver best-in-class client service. That technology focus is supported by UPS, whose high-powered, web-based shipping solutions allow Alston & Bird employees to ship directly from their desktops. The solutions are efficient and reliable and enable the firm to allocate costs by client, saving staff time and money.

"The UPS team helps us meet deadlines and improve our operations. And they have cutting-edge technology for law firms," says Marvin Younger, administrative services manager.

Shipping important legal documents, such as contracts and depositions, is fast and easy with UPS. The UPS web-based system allows users to print shipping labels, create documentation and allocate costs from their desktops. Tracking starts immediately upon pickup.

The tracking capabilities are extremely important in the legal world, says legal secretary Lisa Kishoni, who has worked in Alston & Bird's Atlanta office for more than a decade. "When we do have document discovery, we want to ship it in a way that's trackable so the other side can't say they didn't get it," Kishoni says.

Alston & Bird also benefits by being able to send bills to clients quickly. Fast billing helps the firm and its clients, Kishoni says. "Clients benefit because they get the bills in the door," she says. "They also want the bills for budgeting and forecasting."

Service matters

While UPS's desktop shipping, overnight delivery and tracking capabilities are crucial to the firm, Younger is quick to add that UPS service is just as important as technology. UPS drivers often go beyond what Younger considers the call of duty to help him and his staff.

"Nice customer service is one thing, but a friendly UPS driver delivering excellent service is better," Younger says.

5 ways law firms can benefit from UPS?

Other law firms can also take advantage of UPS's technological solutions and shipping reliability. UPS offers:

Satisfy your clients

With UPS technologies and solutions, you can meet urgent shipping needs and keep your clients satisfied. You can learn more about how UPS can help your firm succeed here.


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