Now UPS can watch over your critical shipments – and protect your profits, too

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UPS Proactive Response Secure protects against unexpected delays.

A critical medicine was on the way to a patient in Boston and scheduled for delivery when terrorists set off explosives at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Authorities locked down the city, so all UPS packages were held at sorting facilities. But because a healthcare provider had opted for UPS Proactive ResponseSecure, the local UPS facility was contacted and informed of the issue. The staff there worked to locate, prioritize and ensure same-day delivery to get that single critical package to the patient on time – at no additional cost.

"You have the UPS Proactive Response Secure team doing everything possible to get your critical shipments where they need to be."

UPS Proactive Response Secure provides 24/7 surveillance for critical UPS Next Day Air® and UPS Worldwide Express® shipments from pickup to delivery.

A monitoring staff in UPS "control towers" around the world uses sophisticated technology to monitor for potential delays such as weather delays or customs clearance issues so the staff can trigger a fast corrective response. That may involve refrigerating a package, replenishing dry ice, rerouting undeliverable shipments, or expediting delayed shipments via UPS Express Critical® – all based on standard operating procedures established with customers in advance.

Also, UPS Proactive Response Secure has built-in insurance provided by UPS Capital Insurance Agency Inc. that covers expediting expenses if a shipment needs to be intercepted and rushed using UPS Express Critical. And, if all else fails, the insurance can cover the value of the goods up to the invoice or sales price.

"It's a holistic solution," says Kranti Sharma, a marketing manager for UPS Capital®. "You have the UPS Proactive Response Secure team doing everything possible to get your critical shipments where they need to be. If action needs to be taken, the service covers expenses related to intercepting and expediting packages. We've even chartered planes in the past to expedite a delayed shipment. If the unexpected still happens and the package is lost, damaged, spoiled or delayed, the shipper is protected for their lost profits," Sharma explains.

Launched last spring in the United States, and recently expanded to major markets in Europe, UPS Proactive Response Secure is unique in the transportation industry, and its integrated pricing approach is proving attractive.

"You pay a flat fee, per package, that's based on the value of the goods, the commodity and where you are shipping. It's underwritten on a case-by-case basis, but the rate for the package insurance component is much lower than purchasing stand-alone insurance because you are using 24/7 monitoring, which itself lowers risk," Sharma says.

Can benefit other industries

While best known as a solution for shipping critical temperature-sensitive healthcare products like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology materials or medical devices, UPS Proactive Response Secure has attracted interest from a broad spectrum of industries, Sharma says.

Examples range from a precious metals shipper, who needed to provide his customers with reassurance that their life savings were protected through the highest level of service, to a tuxedo rental outfit that needed to have shipments arrive by Thursday to keep from spoiling weekend weddings. 

"This combination of monitoring, ability to take action and insurance has been the ideal solution for many industries," Sharma says.

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Femi Anjorin
A World Leader Company like UPS is hard to find, as she always identify with People and ready to go extra mile to ensure safety of lives with little or less importance to financial gain Ride on UPS! A World Class Company!!!

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