Improve cash flow with an efficient, simplified billing process


The UPS Billing Center can help you contain shipping costs, save time and allocate shipping charges faster.

Keeping up with inbound and outbound logistics is just one part of running a smooth operation. The other: staying up to date with invoices connected to your business. That's why the UPS Billing Center is so useful. It's free, and you only need a® login or WorldShip® account to enroll.

The UPS Billing Center allows you to accelerate your billing and invoicing processes.

The UPS Billing Center allows you to:

  • View, manage and pay your UPS invoices in a secure, online location.
  • Accelerate your billing and invoicing processes.
  • Manage one or many accounts and users within a simple interface.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment by going paperless.

Leslie Nelson, a UPS marketing manager, explains UPS Billing Center's benefits.

Q: How does the UPS Billing Center work?
A: You receive an e-mail notification when new UPS invoices are available. From there, you log in to the billing site and settle the invoice, which takes just a few minutes.

Q: How does it improve efficiency?
A: "One big advantage is that it cuts down on paperwork and clutter," says Nelson. "Instead of having to accumulate paper bills and methodically see which ones are due to be paid, you can see all outstanding invoices online and take care of transactions accordingly – all from one place." You can also set up additional e-mail alerts, such as payment-due reminders.

The UPS Billing Center is compatible with accounting software programs – that means you can transfer data to keep your accounting records up to date. "This cuts down on time and improves accuracy," Nelson says. "The UPS Billing Center also contains up to one year's worth of invoices." You can download invoice information in CSV, PDF and XML formats.

The Billing Center even allows you to create Summary and Detail Level reports for domestic/export and import small-package invoices. "This allows you to forecast future expenses," Nelson says. "That added efficiency means you can plan any adjustments accordingly."

Q: How does the UPS Billing Center improve cash flow?
A: With easy retrieval of invoices, you can see whether there are outstanding payments that need to be made to UPS. "This transparency makes it easier to manage the overall cash flow, which is important in the day-to-day operation of many small businesses," Nelson says.

Having quicker access to invoices doesn't just improve your outgoing cash flow situation. "Often there are certain items within an invoice, such as brokerage costs, which you allocate to customers," Nelson says. "Therefore, by allocating these to the customers sooner, you're providing good customer service as well."

Q: Where can I find more information about the UPS Billing Center?
A: UPS Billing Solutions explains more about this tool and contains useful information about other UPS web-based solutions.

Q: How do I register for the UPS Billing Center?
A: Registering for the UPS Billing Center is simple. If you are not registered with, first register for a account.


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