Monthly FAQ: How can I attract more e-commerce customers to my website?


According to one UPS expert, adding visual media can make a huge difference.

From Pinterest to Snapchat to Instagram, when it comes to the content your customers are ingesting on a daily basis, chances are it's heavy on visual media.

81 percent of people skim the content they read, forming a first impression (and the likelihood to continue browsing) within 50 milliseconds.

According to a recent WebDAM infographic, 81 percent of people skim the content they read, forming a first impression – and the likelihood to continue browsing – within 50 milliseconds. That leaves little time, if any, for verbose, tiny-font chunks of text.

As the social media manager at UPS, Vincent Washington understands this visual-heavy trend. That's why he advises e-tailers to take an interest in visual communication on all channels: 

"Whether you are using an e-mail campaign to drive people to your site or developing a presence on Facebook to build traffic, we've found that adding visuals, such as a snippet of video or even a digital image, will dramatically outperform text-only messages," Washington says.

You know your market and what will engage a customer better than anyone, he says, so it isn't necessary to go out and hire an expensive ad agency or video production house. 

"Don't worry so much about production values – that's less important than useful content, like showing people a new way to use your product," he says. "You can get good quality digital images from nearly any smartphone now."  

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