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Experts identify tailored solutions to help small businesses grow faster.

Successful businesses figure out how to speed up cash flow, hire the right people, win a loyal following and find new customers. Your company is probably doing all of that well.

Talk to UPS experts and find solutions for your challenges.

But many businesses don’t remember to factor in shipping and logistics, and that can quickly restrict – or even halt – growth.

That’s why we created UPS CONNECT, a new program aimed at helping early-stage businesses stay ahead of the curve and put in place the logistics tools needed for seamless growth.

"We want to help companies design a good logistics infrastructure that's scalable," says Adam Sever, a UPS marketing manager. "That way those frustrating pain points never come along."

The program is free, and while designed for those just starting out, all small businesses are eligible. 

UPS CONNECT provides four big benefits:

1. One-on-one consultation. Sign up for a virtual whiteboard session with one of our logistics experts. Just tell us about your operations through the UPS CONNECT business questionnaire, and a specialist will help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies – and offer ways for you to create efficiencies.

"[We] talk to you about your business, understand your pain points and help you implement solutions," Sever says.

These logistics experts will also show you ways to save time and money. "Other companies steer small businesses to self-serve channels where they have to figure out how to adapt the tools to their business. UPS CONNECT breaks that paradigm. You don't have to make decisions on your own, in a situation where you don't really know the right questions to ask to get to the solution you need."

2. Experts available to you. UPS CONNECT also gives small businesses access to a dedicated 800-number and e-mail address you can use to talk with a support team. We can answer logistics questions or walk you through tools for automating shipping tasks and getting logistics working well for your business.

Sever emphasizes objectivity: "We designed this program so you engage with solutions resources, not sales staff. The people you work with aren't compensated in any way based on the solutions implemented. People who have enrolled so far are surprised by that."

3. Examples and tips. On the UPS CONNECT website, you'll find a wealth of searchable content. Subjects range from business trends to improving cash flow and growing internationally. Case studies and stories highlight how other small businesses have dealt with growing pains and prospered.

Sever cites this example: "Adafruit is an electronics tutorial and learning company Limor Fried launched in her New York City apartment. One of our drivers saw that she was growing fast and put her in touch with UPS solution resources that have helped her triple her business over the last three years." Sever says, "This section is built for people in the same situation, who need advice about pain points and problems."

4. Special rates. "Because we are targeting fast-growing startups, we want to prove our faith in them with preferred rates," Sever says.

For instance, the program offers one year of free UPS Smart Pickup® service so that when you process a shipment the driver is automatically notified to stop at your location. It's great for companies that don't need daily service but want to avoid phone calls and don't have time to drop off packages.

Sever sums up the program this way: "Small businesses don't get this kind of one-on-one support from other providers, who think they aren't worth the investment. But we're different. We want to focus on the logistics so you can focus on your passion. That will improve your chances of success and make a partnership more fruitful for both of us."

Learn more about UPS CONNECT.


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