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The UPS Store and SCORE understand that when you're starting your business, a mentor matters.

Starting a small business can be intimidating, even more so than having a child or moving to a new city. The fears associated with launching a business came in second in terms of the "scariest life-changing" events, just behind concerns about retirement savings, according to a recent survey by The UPS Store®.

The UPS Store is collaborating with SCORE to assist entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground.

The survey also found that business mentors are important for alleviating those fears.

"A business mentor can make all the difference to a small business owner," says Ken Yancey, president of SCORE, a nonprofit dedicated to helping small businesses through education and mentorship. "Mentors have different viewpoints and experiences that can help push you in the right direction. They, too, may have been challenged with working full-time while they started their businesses and understand how to work through the fears small business owners face."

Understanding the key roles mentors play and to further its commitment to small business owners, The UPS Store is collaborating with SCORE to assist entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground.

"Working with SCORE offers individuals an opportunity to be mentored by seasoned professionals who have the experience that can make a real difference," says Michelle Van Slyke, vice president of marketing and sales at The UPS Store. "The UPS Store is committed to helping small business owners launch and grow their businesses in any way we can and we are so proud to be working with SCORE."

Over the next few weeks, The UPS Store will be offering learning opportunities and solutions for small business owners, with a special focus on those starting businesses while working full time.

Free resources

Download "16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time."

On April 23, join The UPS Store and small business guru @barrymoltz for a live Twitter chat at 6 p.m. Eastern to discuss how to start a business while working full time. Follow along on social media using the hashtag #SmallBizGuide.

Go to the Small Business Solutions portal on The UPS Store website. There you'll find a small business-focused blog, plus articles, tips and advice from small business experts. The portal also includes resources and exclusive discounts on accounting, consulting, marketing, web design and other services small business owners need.

Get more results from The UPS Store survey.


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