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5 productivity-boosting mobile apps for small businesses


Put productivity in the palm of your hands with some of this season's hottest mobile apps.

We now live in an age where infant heartbeats and life counseling can be monitored by downloadable apps to our smartphones. So why should the productivity of your workplace be any different?

"There's no need to print, sign and scan – just use your fingertip to sign any PDF file and send it on its way."

From syncing to scheduling to signing, here are some of this season's simplest and most efficient mobile apps to help your small business or startup grow.

1. EverNote

With EverNote, users can create digital notebooks for almost anything. From taking screen-shots of your receipts and managing your calendar to creating slideshows for investors, documents can be quickly shared and collaborated with colleagues, partners and investors across the world, according to

The app's best feature? Evernote is synced with the cloud, meaning users can access desktop notes or documents on their mobile devices. 

2. HelloSign

On-the-go business owners are continually signing and approving legally binding documents. With HelloSign, being physically in the office is no longer a requirement. With this app, you can review and sign documents anytime, anywhere. CNBC recently named it one of the 10 most essential apps for entrepreneurs.

There's no need to print, sign and scan – just use your fingertip to sign any PDF file and send it on its way.

3. PocketAnalytics

Web-based startups need to track a variety of live-or-die metrics, ranging from new visitors and page views to sales. PocketAnalytics (for iOS only) pools data from several tracking sites and presents you with a customizable dashboard view of your company's most critical vital signs. The data sources include App Annie, Facebook Insights, Flurry, Clicky, Google Insights and Pingdom, according to

4. Producteev

Whether it's a new product launch or a rushed shipment to that large customer on their deadline, there is a great deal of pressure riding on immovable project due dates. As reported on, Producteev helps its users keep track of ongoing tasks – especially those you've delegated – with due dates and milestones, while filters let you see how much employees have on their plate.

5. Expensify

For many small business and startup owners, expense tracking – via the dreaded expense report – is an overly time-consuming (and groan-inducing) task. With Expensify, users automatically import card transactions, mileage time/business travel and other reimbursable/billable expenses into a single, streamlined database – minus the need to sort through disorganized piles of receipts and reports. Apple product review site iMore recently named Expensify one of the best expense tracking apps on the market.


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