Faster ocean imports from Europe


UPS offers a cost-effective freight alternative into the United States and Canada.

When you have suppliers abroad, you're familiar with walking the time/cost tightrope. Like those tiptoeing circus daredevils, balance is critical, which means choosing a service that matches speed with cost.

UPS recently expanded this expedited, less-than-container-load ocean service from more of Western Europe.

That's where UPS Preferred LCL Ocean Freight service can help. UPS recently expanded this expedited, less-than-container-load ocean service from the Western European ports of Antwerp, Belgium; Hamburg, Germany; Rotterdam, Netherlands; and London, U.K.; into the United States and Canada.

Preferred LCL Ocean Freight provides affordable ocean freight pricing with up to 40 percent faster port-to-door service than traditional ocean freight. Goods travel across the Atlantic like they normally do, but once the shipment arrives in the North American port, movement to the final destination is expedited by a special ground fleet.

Preferred LCL bridges the gap between the speed of air freight and the lower cost of ocean freight, says Tom Bacon, director of LCL transportation at UPS. "By utilizing the UPS all-truck inland network to expedite LCL, UPS offers customers increased speeds and day-definite delivery once cargo arrives in North America."

UPS launched the service in Asia two years ago, serving 26 ports in the region. Its popularity, combined with trends in Europe, helped prompt the expansion.

"A service like this can be a tipping point," Bacon says. "For example, customers want to know 'How can I cut costs?' If you have air freight today and backfill with PLCL, you can save a lot of money by switching modes."

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