Expedite Customs clearance by using UPS Paperless Invoice

Expedite Customs Clearance

By submitting export documentation electronically, Customs clearance begins before the shipment even reaches the border.

The earlier the Customs clearance process begins, the more efficient you will be in getting your international shipments on their way much faster. UPS Paperless® Invoice is an industry first that eliminates the need for paper commercial invoices and other documentation required by Customs in many countries. You file commercial invoices, Certificates of Origin and other export documentation electronically while processing your shipments. Here are just some of the advantages of filing online:

Any company, regardless of their size or industry, that ships internationally can use UPS Paperless® Invoice free of charge.
  • Reduce the risk of physical paperwork attached to a shipment being lost in transit
  • Eliminate redundant data entry, saving time and reducing the chance of errors or inconsistencies
  • Get data to your Customs broker earlier, starting the clearance process before the shipment even gets to the border
  • Receive alerts quickly for any Customs issues that could cause delays
  • Help keep Customs values confidential when shipping directly to customers
  • Go green and reduce paper usage

No special software required

UPS Paperless Invoice works seamlessly with UPS shipping systems such as WorldShip®, UPS CampusShip® and shipping at®. There is no additional software. All you have to do is enter shipment commodity details into your UPS shipping system as you are processing your packages. The information is then available electronically and used to clear your shipment through Customs. If you complete your international paperwork outside of the UPS shipping system, the Upload My Forms feature allows you to upload your own trade documents to travel electronically with your shipment.

Any company, regardless of size or industry segment, can use UPS Paperless Invoice free of charge. UPS Paperless Invoice is available with most international small package and freight shipments across several hundred lane pairs. And as of July 2017, additional lanes have been added and lane pair gaps have been closed to make UPS Paperless Invoice even easier to use.

Get started today

Just go to to enroll. You will need your UPS account number. If you already have a payment account saved in your profile, you will upload digital images of your company letterhead and your signature. For existing account holders, UPS Paperless Invoice can be up and running within 24 hours.


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