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Building a reputation, one shipment at a time


Architectural firm gets a UPS blueprint for business growth and customer loyalty.

Dallas-based architectural firm Raymond Harris & Associates designs retail developments, commercial offices and other facilities nationwide. With more than 60 employees and 30 years of experience, the firm offers valuable expertise to its retail, education, healthcare and church clients.

"We used to spend 15 to 20 minutes responding to a client's shipment status request. Now, it takes about 10 seconds," says Lisa Vasquez, logistics coordinator at Raymond Harris & Associates.

Raymond Harris & Associates dedicates itself to providing exceptional client service at each step of every project. One key element of this level of service? A reliable shipping provider.

"Imagine anything that goes in, on or around a building, and we ship it," says Lisa Vasquez, logistics coordinator for the firm.

The firm, which ships everything from color boards to brick samples, has worked with UPS for more than 20 years.

"UPS helps Raymond Harris and Associates provide exceptional service to our clients by making sure our shipments arrive on time," Vasquez says.

On-time shipping helps keep things moving

Samples aren't the only items in UPS package cars and airplanes. About 90 percent of the firm's shipments are actually paper documents – blueprints, contracts and the like. In many cases, these time-sensitive documents must be delivered overnight to a client.

"Take a contractor, for example," explains Vasquez. "If he has a wall up, and he's waiting to change something architecturally, he may have to hold up on all other activity until the shipment arrives."

It's a serious challenge. A late shipment can mean lost revenue, time or client trust. On-time delivery is essential. So Raymond Harris & Associates and UPS team up to ensure that clients receive what they need, when they need it.

Technology drives efficiency

The firm uses a combination of UPS technology solutions to streamline its shipping, tracking and billing processes.

WorldShip® makes high-volume shipping easy, enabling staffers to store contact information or connect to current address books so shipments can be prepared with a few clicks. Plus, UPS automatically verifies addresses; if there's an error in the shipping address, UPS will notify the company before a label can be misprinted.

Raymond Harris & Associates uses Quantum View® to track packages and proactively e-mail clients about shipment status. Customers can stay informed, and Vazquez can breathe easy.

"I get on it every morning and afternoon to make sure everything is on time," she says. "I can break down shipments to an individual job or vendor and e-mail it to a client so that he or she has all the info needed."

Clearly, UPS technology helps save a lot of phone calls and staff time at the firm."We used to spend 15 to 20 minutes responding to a client's shipment status request," Vasquez recalls. "Now, it takes about 10 seconds."

The firm also uses UPS Billing Data to import shipping information directly into the accounting system, accelerating the billing process. Without this ability to import a bill, the team would have to manually re-key the data.

"UPS Billing Data is very easy to use, and it cuts down on a lot of time," says Vasquez. "The process used to take five hours a day. Now it takes about one hour a week."

Thanks to UPS's technology solutions, Raymond Harris & Associates works efficiently and keeps clients informed, happy and loyal.


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Cliff Leung
"On time delivery keep business...." Anything more than a 100 lbs had not been on time for once! Tracking showing "out on delivery Nov 21 1am" It's now 3:21pm Nov 24. Shame on UPS.

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