Get the most out of your electronic devices

Boost energy efficiency in your electronic equipment and learn how to recycle them responsibly with these tips.

By Randi Braunwalder, environmental program manager for HP, on 1/13/2015


Electronic devices are integral to our daily lives: we use them to get our work done, we like how they help us connect with others through video, e-mail and text, we track our fitness activities and goals, and we rely on them to deliver our movies, music, news, photos, reports and, yes, even cat videos.

Maybe you received a new printer, notebook or PC as a gift. If so, you may be wondering how to optimize your product's energy efficiency, as well as how to recycle your old equipment responsibly. Here are some tips:

  • Ideally, your new device is ENERGY STAR® qualified or EPEAT® registered. These two eco-labels quickly signify deliberate steps the manufacturer has made to ensure that energy efficiency and other environmental attributes are designed into the product.
  • Consider removing screen savers. These applications keep the computer running in a continuous powered-up mode and require significant electricity use to create the images.
  • At the end of daily use, turn off your computers, printers and monitors. This ensures equipment is not unintentionally wasting electricity while not in use.
  • When you are printing, use two-sided printing whenever possible to reduce energy use and paper waste.
  • To reduce ink/toner and paper waste, download and use HP's Smart Print, a free software application that allows you to select portions of a website so that you only print what you need – and avoid that pesky third page printout with one line item.
  • In the United States, easily and responsibly recycle your old electronic devices, as well as HP ink and LaserJet cartridges, by taking your items to one of the more than 1,000 Staples stores in the country. This technology recycling service – powered by HP – is no charge to you. See the Staples website for more information, including participating retail locations and accepted products.

UPS shares HP's commitment to responsible corporate citizenship. HP and UPS have been working together on sustainability initiatives for many years. For example, UPS handles logistics and transportation for HP spare parts, because UPS can do that with a much smaller carbon footprint than HP can – and at a lower cost. The companies are also collaborating on regional carbon reduction initiatives, including Green Freight Asia.  



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