Customs brokerage gets your goods across borders hassle-free

Get your goods across borders hassle-free with these tips.

Want to save on international compliance? Here's how.

International trade can be intimidating, but that's no reason to stop your business at the border. The keys to successful customs clearance are accuracy and consistency, says Greg Maddaleni, a UPS marketing manager. That's one thing that UPS Customs Brokerage brings to the table. It will help you stay compliant across all modes of transport – and prevent delay of your goods.

UPS Customs Brokerage makes the confusing labyrinth of rules and regulations easy to navigate.

For companies already familiar with trade, UPS Customs Brokerage launched a new web page offering helpful brokerage tools and resources in one place. There you can also download the free UPS "Trade Broadcast" newsletter. And you're sure to value the "Trade Tips" Q&A that addresses common questions about international shipping and compliance.

Then be sure to talk to your UPS account manager about the following comprehensive services:

Customs clearance: Staying compliant with international trade agreements and regulations is no easy matter. But there's no reason to make customs clearance your full-time job. With offices in more than 60 countries and more than 80 years of customs brokerage experience, UPS is a compliance expert. UPS can help speed up the movement of your goods and reduce the risk of trade compliance penalties.

Trade management and trade consulting: Optimize your global supply chain by tapping into UPS's expertise in import and export regulations, classification/valuation, trade consulting, compliance audits, free trade agreement optimization and a variety of other trade compliance issues. Let UPS guide your decisions with its expertise on current trade agreements, regulations and tariffs. Have UPS help you make rock-solid business decisions by figuring out whether it makes sense to export to certain regions, source from new areas, or manufacture closer to markets where the end user is based.


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