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3 simple but critical customer service musts you need to offer your customers today


At a minimum, provide these shipping-related conveniences to stay competitive.

Satisfying your customers is absolutely critical to your business' success, and these powerful steps will go a long way toward improving the customer service side of your business. And all are possible with UPS technology.

These powerful steps will go a long way toward improving the customer service side of your business.

1. Quantum View Notify®

This free feature from UPS sends an automatic e-mail to your customers when their package has shipped. You can also choose e-mail notifications for delivery or any delays encountered. Customers receive a delivery date and their tracking number so they can keep tabs on their package.

Almost 40 percent of online shoppers expect to be notified of these events and expect the ability to easily track their package, according to The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey, commissioned by UPS and carried out by comScore.

(Bonus: Quantum View Notify also saves your business time. When customers know the status of a shipment, and can track it, they're far less likely to call your staff for an update, allowing you to focus on business priorities.)

Here's how to begin using Quantum View Notify.

2. Choice of shipping speed

Shoppers want options when it comes to shipping speed. Many times, ground shipping is the best choice, but one-third of shoppers will pay extra for faster delivery, according to The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey.

Here's what you can do: Integrate shipping options into your online shopping cart. One way to do this is with the UPS Developer Kit, which uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to sync UPS shipping functions directly into your website's shopping cart.

3. An easy returns process

Two out of three customers look at your returns policy before they make a purchase, according to The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey. Nearly half of them indicated that a lenient, easy-to-understand returns policy would motivate them to shop more often with a retailer.

"Companies that maintain mediocre policies do so at their own peril," says Jim Brill, returns portfolio marketing manager for UPS.

Here's what you can do: Post your returns policy prominently on your website. Tell customers how long they have to decide, who pays for shipping the return, and other details, Brill says. You can further enhance the process by providing customers with preprinted or printable labels, available with UPS Returns®, that they can simply apply before returning an item.


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