UPS Hundredweight Service

Tip of the month: Use UPS Hundredweight Service


Save money by thinking outside the pallet for freight shipping.

National Textile Industries, a textile manufacturer in Brooklyn, N.Y., recommends UPS Hundredweight Service® to other UPS customers who want to save on shipping. The service is a cost-effective way to transport nonpalletized, multipackage shipments.

"I estimate a savings of 20 percent compared to LTL [less than truckload] shipments by a common carrier," says Jay Gagliano, National Textile vice president. "You save by eliminating the added weight of a pallet, and you can always count on UPS coming each day promptly for the pickup. I can't say that for most common freight carriers."

UPS Hundredweight Service is ideal for nonpalletized, multiple-package shipments that weigh between 100 and 500 pounds. 

"Not all of our customers are equipped to handle palletized deliveries," Gagliano says. "With UPS Hundredweight Service, the UPS driver always makes an inside delivery – a pleasant accommodation to our customers."


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