Control costs across all shipping locations


No matter how many offices your company has, UPS CampusShip provides cost-control efficiencies.

Whether you're a law firm with multiple offices nationwide or a college campus, maintaining efficient administration across multiple locations is a defining challenge. That's why more customers are turning to UPS CampusShip®.

Customers are turning to UPS CampusShip to maintain efficient administration across multiple offices and locations.

UPS CampusShip allows you to:

  • Control shipping costs centrally.
  • Assign employees appropriate shipping privileges.
  • Allocate shipping costs by client or department.

Here, UPS Solutions expert Debra Wright explains how UPS CampusShip works for customers.

Q: Can you describe UPS CampusShip?
A: A secure, easy-to-use, web-based shipping program that allows multiple users across multiple locations to ship UPS packages, letters and heavy freight from their desktops. You can assign and apply shipping responsibilities and restrictions to employees, regardless of location – and allocate shipping costs to the appropriate party.

Q: Which customers should consider UPS CampusShip?
A: Most UPS CampusShip users are from professional services firms, higher education or the retail industry. Why? These customers often have multiple shippers – and often multiple locations – but require a level of centralized control to run the overall operation effectively. "A retailer, for example, may need to send merchandise to a store in Massachusetts from another store in Seattle, Wash.," Wright says. "The store in Seattle can both create the shipment and use a reference code within UPS CampusShip that allocates the shipping costs back to the store in Massachusetts."

Q: What are reference codes?
A: Reference codes represent areas within a business tied to shipping cost, such as codes for a department or client/customer, which makes cost allocation easy. "Firms often need to ship documents to clients. They can indicate a UPS CampusShip client code number when creating the shipment, and the client receiving those documents will be assigned the shipping charges," Wright says.

Q: What are the key benefits of UPS CampusShip?
A: Cost control is one. UPS CampusShip has an administrator [e.g., shipping manager] who is responsible for assigning shipping privileges to other employees who also will use UPS CampusShip to process shipments. The administrator's control goes a step further. Once an employee is assigned with a shipping privilege, the administrator can also control which shipping services – e.g., UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air®, LTL – an employee can select. This can help ensure the most optimum shipping service is selected, which is important when you consider the difficulty of managing costs across multiple locations.

Efficiency is another. UPS CampusShip fulfills a number of important shipping functions and allows you to do more in less time – all from one interface. For example, you can:

  • Schedule pickups.
  • Process up to 250 shipments at one time.
  • Print return labels.
  • Request UPS send e-mail alerts notifying recipients of shipments.
  • Ship to distribution lists of up to 100 recipients.

Q: How can a customer get started with UPS CampusShip?
A: UPS values the security of packages and information relating to those packages. Because UPS CampusShip provides access to this information as it relates to your customers, your UPS sales representative needs to enable access, so contact your account manager directly about using UPS CampusShip. If you do not have a sales source, select the link to have a UPS representative contact you.

Q: Where can you learn more about UPS CampusShip?
A: View a product demo here.


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