New UPS cold-chain solutions protect healthcare products


Expanded UPS Temperature True options will soon include ocean freight shipping.

When Walgreen Co. donated 375,000 doses of flu vaccine to Laos, UPS delivered it – maintaining a consistent temperature across 6,000 miles and five different climates. The success story combined UPS Temperature True® air freight with packaging technology that limits temperature fluctuation to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

UPS Temperature True air freight with packaging technology is one option for limiting temperature fluctuation to within 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

For many pharmaceutical or biologic shipments, 2 degrees Celsius is all that separates medicine from becoming spoiled inventory and a costly write-off. And product spoilage remains a top-of-mind concern among healthcare decision-makers, according to UPS's 2013 Pain in The (Supply) Chain Survey.

In response to global growth in the practice of shipping a wide variety of cold-chain products, UPS's Temperature True service portfolio now offers a broader range of shipping options for temperature-sensitive healthcare products. Products requiring an exact temperature range include specialty pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and diagnostics, and generic consumer and pet medicines. 

"We are seeing growth in the number of temperature-sensitive shipments due to the increasing cold-chain regulations and expansion of specialty drugs and treatments that require temperature control," says Dirk Van Peteghem, vice president of UPS Healthcare Logistics. "Listening to the marketplace, we are broadening our UPS Temperature True portfolio to meet these needs while also helping companies ensure compliance for a broader range of product temperature requirements." 

Companies can now choose from among three service levels, based on the degree of temperature control needed:

  • UPS Temperature True® Plus maintains the strictest temperature ranges during transit, for both active and passive shipments. Our dependable air freight service applies the highest level of risk mitigation, including continuous monitoring from end to end.
  • UPS Temperature True® Standard is a new air freight service for more robust healthcare products that require monitoring and intervention for time-in-transit with the ability to rescue shipments if delayed.
  • UPS Temperature True® Saver offers a cost-effective and standardized ocean freight solution for large volumes of more robust temperature sensitive products. This innovative effort in temperature-sensitive shipping is now being tested with select customers and will roll out system wide early in 2014.

In addition, the Temperature True portfolio includes customized packaging consulting for temperature-sensitive products, best-in-class technology, proactive monitoring and intervention, contingency planning, and compliance expertise. 

Customers who rely on UPS as the sole logistics provider for temperature-sensitive storage and distribution will gain another advantage: reduced product handling and fewer product handoffs and more control. This helps ensure product integrity and mitigates overall risk.

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