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Improve cash flow and boost efficiency through 3 smart UPS solutions


Combining powerful online solutions for shipping, tracking and billing can boost cash flow and improve business processes.

UPS's online solutions are designed to help your business succeed by allowing you to control shipping costs, saving you time in the tracking process, and making it easier for you to provide exceptional service to your customers. This powerful trio works together to do just that.

UPS's online solutions help your business succeed by allowing you to control shipping costs, saving you time in the tracking process.
  • UPS CampusShip®: Offers you a shipping solution with centralized control of the shipping process across multiple users and office locations.
  • Quantum View Manage®: Provides you with sophisticated tracking tools for outbound and inbound packages and freight, and keeps your customers proactively, and automatically, informed of their shipment's status.
  • UPS Billing Center: Speeds your access to UPS invoices and streamlines your billing processes for increased efficiency.

UPS CampusShip is an ideal solution when you need to administer multiple shipping locations and users by setting business rules for the levels of service needed, says UPS marketing analyst Debra Wright. UPS CampusShip allows you to control shipment data that flows through to Quantum View Manage and the UPS Billing Center, simplifying your client service, billing and payment processes. "CampusShip is the starting point to streamline your business processes, while adding a level of control that allows you to better manage your shipping costs," says Wright.

If you're already using UPS CampusShip, add Quantum View Manage and the UPS Billing Center to get powerful efficiency payoffs.

Q: How do these tools help control shipping costs and accelerate cash flow?  

  • UPS CampusShip: The administrator function allows you to assign privileges, ensuring that the most cost-effective service is selected, saving on shipping costs, says Wright. You can use reference numbers to designate a customer or client code, a project code, an invoice number or an internal cost center for each shipment. From a customized list of reference numbers that you designate, UPS CampusShip can be configured to require and validate the reference numbers prior to shipping, Wright says.
  • Quantum View Manage: Keeping on top of your shipments and collections lets you know when to start the payments clock, says Alex Anaya, UPS marketing analyst. "Quantum View Manage alerts are easy to create and can include the reference numbers created in CampusShip. Once your shipments have been delivered to your customer, you can use the reference number to identify the customer and invoice them immediately, thus decreasing your order-to-cash cycle."
  • UPS Billing Center: "This tool from UPS allows you to receive your UPS invoices faster, so you can complete your reconciliation and allocation processes faster," says Leslie Nelson, a UPS marketing analyst. "Being able to reconcile shipment costs and allocate them accurately as soon as you receive a UPS invoice reduces unallocated costs, which can strain cash flow. Also, the UPS Billing Center allows importers to see brokerage costs and allocate those costs sooner."
Q: How do these solutions result in major time and cost savings?

  • UPS CampusShip: Employees can easily process and prepare shipping labels from their own computers. "Having a simplified process places less time demands on staff while reducing mistakes," says Wright. "Furthermore, by setting shipping privilege controls, you can manage shipping costs across a number of locations without having to manage each user's shipment activity."
  • Quantum View Manage: With this tracking technology, as the number of shipments grows, Quantum View Manage provides tools that allow each of your users to focus quickly on what's important, says Anaya. Rather than tracking each individual shipment, you can proactively focus on critical shipments that may require additional attention.
  • UPS Billing Center: Easy retrieval of online invoices allows you to see whether there are any outstanding payments that need to be made and quickly view costs. You can also quickly make one time or automated UPS invoice payments on your chosen schedule.
Q: How do these solutions improve customer service?  

  • UPS CampusShip: Using this system streamlines shipping so you can process more shipments in less time, and when combined with UPS's broad portfolio of transportation products, your customers receive shipments on time and at the speed they need them, says Wright.
  • Quantum View Manage: If there are any "exceptions," such as weather delays, for your outbound shipments, you can inform your customer automatically. This is extremely important for time-sensitive events, such as real estate closings. Also, visibility of inbound shipments can facilitate your business processes and therefore service to your customers or clients, Anaya says. If you are a mortgage processor, for example, you can see when documents have been shipped to you. Your staffing can be aligned with the expected volume and process it quickly and without surprises.
  • UPS Billing Center: Thanks to integration with UPS CampusShip, if you notice a change in a customer's address when reviewing a UPS invoice in Billing Center, you can add those changes to the CampusShip address book, Nelson says, reducing the chances of sending shipments to an old address.

Want to find more information about these solutions? Go here or contact your UPS account manager.



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