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Find out what matters – and what you can do right now.

Today, many forests are under threat from climate change, human encroachment, and extraction of natural resources. At UPS, we are committed to doing more for the environment.

Learn how the choices you make every day affect your environmental footprint.

You can read about our funding for and our volunteer efforts to plant 2 million trees through our collaboration with organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Earthday Network, Arbor Day Foundation and the National Park Foundation. Or, download a related infographic [PDF].

Our tree-planting efforts will protect water sources, offset carbon emissions and reduce air pollution.

What's your impact?

From turning on lights to driving vehicles, every individual creates an impact on the environment. And many of these actions produce carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change impacts.

Have you ever wondered what your impact is? Thanks to our friends at The Conservation Fund, you can visit the online calculator created to help you learn how the choices you make every day impact your environmental footprint. Just enter a few details such as fuel and energy use to obtain an estimate of the number of trees that would need to be planted to offset your carbon impact. Calculate your carbon footprint


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Greg Billups
How do you account for the loss of 19 pine trees from 40 to 189 years old because of the bark beetle and the destructive policy of the U.S. forestry policy of no cutting or removal? Take a look at the destruction of the forest in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

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