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Free UPS technology tool Quantum View Manage allows you to manage both inbound and outbound shipments easily.

Knowing the status of shipments at all times keeps your business running smoothly and your customers informed. UPS's free Quantum View Manage® allows you to easily do just that and more.

Knowing the status of shipments at all times keeps your business running smoothly and your customers informed.

You can:

  • Plan ahead for staffing required to process inbound shipments.
  • See the status of all UPS shipments – such as ground freight, air freight and small package – in a condensed, easy-to-access format.
  • Better manage your returns process.
  • View important customs brokerage status for imported shipments.

Q: What is Quantum View Manage?
A: A shipment summarization tool. It allows you to keep up with the status of all UPS-related shipments, which are highlighted within a simple snapshot.

Q: I already have a My UPS® account. Why would I need Quantum View? 
A: Like, Quantum View is a web-based tool, so it doesn't require downloading or installing software – but it goes beyond the regular tracking of Quantum View Manage provides you information in less time. "If you send five shipments, it's easy to track on," says UPS Solutions analyst Alex Anaya. "But if you have 50, 100, 1,000 shipments or more, summarizing them via a quick snapshot is really important because it allows you to focus on those shipments that may require extra attention." And with Quantum View Manage, you don't even need tracking numbers.

Q: What are three ways it simplifies a logistics manager's job?
A: Here are three:

  • Exceptions and customer service: In the rare event of a shipping delay, like one caused by inclement weather, an Exception Status alert on the snapshot highlights affected shipments. "Having that information upfront saves time by not having to weed it out, allowing you to be more responsive," Anaya says.
  • Returns: If you send out enough packages, some will be returned. And with returns, an important part of customer service, Quantum View Manage can be a big help. "If I ship out 100 packages and have five returned," Anaya says, "I can see those returns and even create a view that allows me to solely focus on those returns."
  • Inbound shipments: For receivers of UPS shipments, the summary allows you to plan ahead for incoming shipments. An example: "If you have a receiving dock or you're a small business with limited space, knowing what's coming in and when can be very important," Anaya says. "Quantum View Manage Inbound will combine all UPS-related shipments – whether it's small package or freight – into one summary."
Q: Quantum View has both an Inbound View and Imports View. What are the differences?
  • Inbound View: Essentially, this tool allows you to monitor the progress and status of shipments from their origin to your location, whether those shipments are coming from across town or across the world.
  • Imports View: If you're importing goods, you need to make sure duties are paid and regulations are complied with. "Imports View gives you that visibility," says Anaya. Also, added visibility within Quantum View Manage allows you immediately to address any customs issues that may be holding up a shipment.

Q: How long does it take to master this tool?
A: Its intuitive layout requires little instruction. "You'll notice, for example, tabs for Inbound and Outbound shipments, providing quick and easy access to information," Anaya says. "Also, the use of filters makes it easy to focus only on shipments that need particular attention."

Q: How can I learn more about it?
A: A number of videos and tutorials are available. A good place to start is the UPS Solutions site.


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