Small business success starts with music, a friend and take-out food

Learn how two friends first embarked on their growing business venture.

By Tracy Marks, a public relations manager with The UPS Store in San Diego on 6/1/2013


The best ideas are sometimes the ones you joke about with your best friend over Chinese food. 

While traveling the world for work five years ago, Jason Lucash and Mike Syzmcak found themselves lugging around big music stereos and eating take-out food on a regular basis. On a night like any other, the two came up with an idea: Instead of lugging around giant boom boxes and stereos, make something small, portable and foldable – similar to their Chinese take-out box – which could play music and be easy to travel with.

Within months, the two launched "Fold and Play," an eco-friendly foldable speaker system, which is constructed of recycled materials and perfect for traveling. It was at this time OrigAudio – the origami of audio – was born. Offerings now include the Rock-It, a product that turns any personal music device into a speaker, and DesignEars, customizable head phones. OrigAudio currently has products in more than 5,000 retail stores.

National recognition
Last year at the annual Growth 2.0 Conference, Entrepreneur magazine and The UPS Store® named Lucash the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year for his innovation and drive to make OrigAudio a reality.

Both Lucash and Syzmcak have changed the way people listen to music by offering innovative solutions for music portability. Lucash says he is proud of their accomplishments and does the utmost to share their business story across the country and inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their passion and pursue the American Dream.

With business booming, Lucash visits The UPS Store in Santa Ana, Calif., weekly for his packing, shipping and other small business needs. "The UPS Store is always willing to accommodate us, and all of the employees are extremely helpful and have positive attitudes," Lucash says. "We love that The UPS Store is able to package and ship everything for us, even at the last minute. This is extremely convenient and saves us a lot of time."

You could be the next winner – but hurry
Do you want to be the next Entrepreneur of the Year? There's still time! Entrepreneurs can submit their entries for this year’s contest at and until June 17, 2013.



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