J. Hilburn’s speedy, global supply chain

Learn how J. Hilburn and UPS can deliver custom runway styles to your door in under three weeks.

By Natalie Godwin, UPS public relations manager on 3/12/2013


During Fashion Week, the latest styles appeared online within seconds of coming down the runway. There’s no time to waste. People see it, and they want it – now.

This same immediacy applies to a retailer’s supply chain. You don’t want to wait until next year to rock the fall trends from the designers and luxury brands.

UPS small business customer J. Hilburn knows about high-end clothing – specializing in custom-made shirts and suits at affordable prices. J. Hilburn clothing is made of fabric from the finest mills in Italy, but you won’t need your passport. Clients meet with a style consultant who takes measurements and puts in an order. In about three weeks, the tailor-made pieces arrive.

J. Hilburn handles the style, and UPS takes care of the speed. Watch the video to see how we work together to deliver a custom shirt – from Atlanta (where the customer lives) to Malaysia (where the shirt is made) to Dallas (where J. Hilburn is) and back to Atlanta – all seamlessly.

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